3 Tips for Traveling with CBD Oil

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Now that summertime is coming near, individuals are looking to go out of town for a little while. As a matter of fact, people of all ages plan to take a much-needed breather from school or from their jobs. As you look forward to a period of peace and relaxation in your life, you might be tempted to bring your trusted CBD oil with you. However, reports of great-grandmothers being arrested due to holding “illegal” topical CBD ointment circulating the news a few weeks ago might have just put you off.

Before you let fear take over you, you might want to read this article and find some tips that can help you when traveling with CBD products.

Steer Clear from Bringing CBD Products on Your Flight

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers are not really keen on searching your luggage for CBD products per se. These officers are more focused on keeping the airport safe for all passengers. However, if they happen to open your bags and see cannabis or hemp-derived items inside, chances are they will most likely refer your case to a law enforcement officer.

While pure cannabidiol does not get you high, it is better to err on the side of safety rather than bring your goodies to the airport. With the law remaining unclear on a variety of aspects, you are also protecting yourself from being arrested by federal authorities.

If you feel that taking on a flight is too stressful, try taking your dose beforehand.

Be Aware of State Laws

If you are going on a road trip with your friends or family, make sure to check the state laws in the area you intend to stay in. Some states have not yet legalized the use of marijuana or even cannabis, so be careful when bringing it into these state lines. Police officers patrolling the area may do a car check and find cannabis items in your bags.

Always Be Prepared

If you are traveling with hemp-derived cannabidiol, make sure to thoroughly print the lab report and its certificate showing its THC content. This way, should you run into a TSA agent or federal officer, you can simply present these items and you are good to go. Likewise, if you have a prescription for medical marijuana or CBD oil, don’t forget to bring your doctor’s prescription with you.

There you have it! While the safest way to travel with CBD products is still leaving your goods at home, you may want to try doing these other tips.