3 Ways to Explore the Historic Capital of Barbados, Bridgetown

There are many inevitable reasons to why Bridgetown is a popular cruise stop. It offers Instagram worthy scenic views and a boardwalk decorated with sailboats and catamarans. Then, you may also find the colonial era streets dotted with duty free malls, and discount stores and alleys lined with fruit carts and souvenir trinkets. But moreover, Bridgetown always has a soul of Menu Barbados‘s history. There was a time when it was the most lucrative porn in Britain for three centuries and this is why this is the most treasured possession. If you are in Bridgetown, here is how to get cultured like a pro.

  1. Enlighten yourself about Carneege’s Past

It may be hard to picture but the famous waterfront area of the city called the Constitution River once had a mayhem when the ships unloaded and loaded goods for long journey ahead. The boats where careened for cleaning and women lined in docks with baskets of food. It was also the first port of call for England on the Transatlantic Slave trade. You may also be able to find a plaque that signifies the strength and resilience of those enslaved Americans.

Then you may find the Chamberlain Bridge in the east which was a wooden bridge in the first place. Then you may also be able to see the Parliament Square and stroll along to find the Independence Park. You may also find the statue of Admiral Nelson at Heroes’ Square.

  1. Lime on Carlisle Bay

When you walk from the downtown Careenage to the south and over a mile, you may find Carlisle Bay lined with white sand and the stunning Caribbean Sea. This was also once the first body of water that the slave ships crossed when they arrived from the Atlantic. Now, it is a protected marine park, you may also end up scuba diving to explore the famous shipwrecks at shallow depths. You can also do turtle spotting. People like locals and tourists relax in the shade of umbrellas, play soccer and lunch on fish cutter sandwiches at Cuz’s Fish shack.

  1. Go on a Bajan walking food tour

History and food lovers would love this tour around downtown Bridgetown. You may end up tasting barbequed pigtails, Bajan chicken soup, fish cakes, coucou, and flying fish served at café counters, food truck and second story cafeteria themed hidden restaurants.