3 Worthwhile Activities to Include in Your Plans This Summer

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We have just been through the cold season, but it seems that summer is in a rush. With summertime fast approaching, many of us may be caught off guard and without any plans for vacation. If you are looking for meaningful activities to complete or make-up your travel plans, check out these 3 worthwhile additions to your trip:

  • Explore the Land

What better way to enjoy this summer heat than to surround yourself with nature? The Philippines is known for its paradise-like natural formations and its mountains and mountain ranges do not disappoint. Your exploration can start by simply trekking the accessible trails near your resort in Palawan. Imagine this: just a few meters from your accommodation is a piece of nature that serves as a haven for various wildlife including monitor lizards and monkeys.

If you are looking to quench your thirst for adventure, you might want to go rock climbing. Palawan is home to primitive limestones, giving you access to a daring yet fulfilling experience. During your explorations, you are sure to encounter various animals surrounded by tropical flora indigenous to the land.

  • Discover What’s Underwater

Of course, your summer vacation will not be complete without the obligatory visit to the beach. With the Philippines’ 18,000-kilometer coastline, this is certainly a popular activity during the summer. This is also the most enjoyable way to beat the heat, whilst also spending more time in the open air. In fact, the air is arguably fresher on the beach, especially with the ocean breeze and verdant surroundings.

Aside from simply swimming and immersing yourself in the cool ocean waters, you can have the ultimate beach experience, book a scuba diving trip in Coron and explore the mysterious depths of the sea. This way, you can also have up-close and personal interactions with the sea’s natural inhabitants such as various small and big fishes, as well as various corals. Just be careful not to touch the reefs as oil from your fingers can damage them.

Aside from swimming with the fishes, you can also explore various wreck sites, giving more insight into the range of vessels used during World Wars I and II.

  • Take a Relaxing Break

Your vacation should not be all hustle. You should also allocate some time to simply relax and enjoy the worry-free moment. To do so, why not visit the numerous hot springs around the area? These nature’s hot tubs can help you wipe away your fatigue, whilst invigorating your body and mind with its natural hot waters. You can also go for calming massage sessions and even go bird watching.

The summer heat combined with humidity and work-related stress can be too much to handle but being able to unwind during such a time will be a heavenly relief. If you do not know what else to add to your summer itinerary, give these 3 activities a shot and go to the best scuba resorts in the Philippines to make your vacation a more worthwhile one. This way, you can return to the hustle and bustle of the city refreshed and ready to take on the challenges that may come your way.