4 Hot Must-Visits for the wildest madrilenian nights!

Usually when we talk about european capitals, all that comes in mind is museums, squares, architectonical beauties, and so on. However, we should always remember that a huge part of the traveling people nowadays are the younger members of the family, and as such, most of the fun that they will be looking for will start then the sun comes down.

Madrid, as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Spain (and all Europe) does not come short when it comes to fun at night.

Even though night-clubbing, and tourism in general is in a rough spot right now, we trust that things will soon return to normal, so in this article we want to give you some good reasons to go visit Madrid and experience its wildest side.

From rooftop bars to the wildest clubs, Madrid has it all

In the following list we will be sharing some of the best places for those who are looking for unique experiences during their stay in Madrid, with of course some data on their locations.

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1)         We have to open this list with the very famous Circulo de Bellas Artes Rooftop, located in the Calle del Marqués, is a bar-restaurant that starts having a more club-like vibes when the sun sets.

As it is open as a restaurant from the afternoon hours, it is the perfect place to start a clubbing night as it has a breath taking view of the madrilean sunset.

2)         Another hot spot to visit is named El Chapandaz. This cavern-like club is located in a very famous zone in Madrid, in Calle de Fernando el católico.

Famous for its variated music, and its very well known “Leche de Pantera” (Panther’s Milk), among other unique cocktails that can only be found in here, it is sometimes referred as one of the best places for drinking in Spain

3)      Teatro Barcelo is a must-go place for any visitor. It has become one of the people’s favourite choices when it comes to clubbing in the madrilean nights.

With three different spaces with different ambiances, its variety in music and moods, along with its spacious  place is what makes it more appealing for a wider range of public.

4)         We can’t finish this list without including Sky 44. Most visitors tend to complain about how tricky it is to find it, so keep an eye open when you get into the Gran Via 44 building.

Even though this place is not part of the “night life” as this is more of a bar-restaurant, the experience of having a cocktail while also enjoying this view of Madrid is unrivaled and definitely something any traveler will appreciate.