4 Things You Will Encounter When You Visit Belgium

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If medieval architecture, booming fashion, chocolates, beer and castles are your forte, then Belgium is the perfect place to visit.

Having been a nation state since the Roman times, Belgium has been in the sights of invaders and conquers thought modern history. Thankfully, the nation has been able to withstand the pressures of countless annexations, the scars of pillage and conflict, from Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo, to the battlefields of Flanders and the Battle of the Bulge, this history rich nation offers so much more to the modern nomad.

Here are the top four things you are very likely to encounter when you visit Belgium:

1 – Beer and Chocolate

For all the beer connoisseurs of the world, Belgium is home to some of the six Trappist beers. With troves of pubs and cafes to explore, weary travelers are in for a treat for their taste buds with Belgiums almost alchemic breweries with formulations you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Also, Belgian specialty shops are home to some of the most delicious and specialized chocolates in the world, so you’re abound to find a decadent morsel to shamelessly add inches to your waistline.

2 – Fairy Tales

If you’ve always wanted to experience a fairy tale in real life, Bruges is one of the most preserved medieval cities in all of Europe, which comes to no surprise with its cobblestone streets, sprawling canals, vibrant marketplaces, and soaring spires and towers.

If you wish to avoid the crowds of tourists and want to experience the utter tranquility of Bruges, consider visiting in the winter months, when the snow covered city blooms to life without the hassles of being merely another tourist in this historic city and the flights are cheap.  

3 – Battlefields

Belgium is home to one of the most history battlefields of modern times, where the seemingly invincible Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo by the Duke of Wellington and Field Marshal Gebhard Von Blucher.

At the Memorial 1815 museum, visitors are treated with countless exhibits that detail the stories of these legendary figures, as well as historic accounts of the battles that led to the fall of one of the most notorious and vivified generals of all time.

Plus, you can set foot on the grounds where the iconic cavalry charge took place, as well as several other sites that sealed the fate of Napoleon and his empire. You may even get lucky and stable upon an old cannonball or musket shot.

4 – Diamonds

Antwerp is home to one of the worlds largest diamond exchanges, as well as what some may consider one of the fashion and  capitals of the world. Now, visitors are treated with one of Europes largest entertainment capitals, scores of museums, 600 year old fortresses, massive cathedrals, and Belgiums largest port.

Visiting Belgium

It’s not often that a person can experience delicious and unique foods, beers, culture, and history in one place; but no matter what piques your interests, Belgium is bound to have something to suit your interests.