5 Lesser Known International Travel Destinations You Must Visit Today

Do you know Spain, Italy, China, France, and the United States account for 30% (or more) of the total international arrivals? Every year, most of the tourists around the world travel to these top five locations, leaving other destinations as lesser known travel destinations or the least travelled destinations in the world. 

If you love exploring new destinations, don’t you think its time to include these lesser known destinations in your travel list? So, check out the following destinations and once you have had your trip booking done, don’t forget to buy travel insurance online. 

  • Marieta Islands

Marieta Islands are a group of islands, located a few miles off the coast of Nayarit in Mexico. As the islands are protected from hunting and fishing, they have an abundant marine life population. 

Things To Do: Snorkelling and scuba diving are the most popular adventure activities that you must try for sure. Apart from these, you can enjoy watching whales, dolphins, sea turtles, blue-footed boobies and of course, the hidden beach. 

  • Tonga 

Tonga is a Polynesian kingdom, consisting of 170+ South Pacific islands, lined with coral reefs, white beaches and tropical rainforest. 

Things To Do: You can explore the best of nature in Tonga. The must-try activities include swimming with humpback whales, finding the Snorkelling Pigs, exploring the blowholes, and exploring Anahulu Cave – the natural underground swimming pool. Do visit Talamahu market, if you love buying clothes, beauty products and toys.

  • Lake Natron

Lake Natron is a soda or salt lake in Tanzania. The area surrounding this lake receives irregular seasonal rainfall and is known to be inhabited with only seasonal cultivation. So, buy travel insurance online and keep yourself covered for any mishap. 

Things To Do: There are several things that you can enjoy near Lake Natron. For example, you can visit Ol Doinyo Lengai, Themi Falls Leisure Park, and enjoy activities, like walking, hiking, and bird watching. 

  • São Tomé and Príncipe

Despite being the safest place for travellers, São Tomé and Príncipe is one of the least known travel destinations in the world. It is an island country, located off the equatorial coast of Central Africa.

Things To Do: Hiking, enjoying clear warm waters and walking on the beaches are the best known highlights of this destination. Ilhéu das Rolas, Pico Cão Grande, Pico de São Tomé, and Parque Natural Obô de São Tomé are the popular attractions here. 

  • Liechtenstein 

Liechtenstein is a microstate in Alpine Central Europe. It is the fourth smallest country in Europe with very minimal number of tourists visiting the destination every year. If you love sports, you should definitely visit this winter sport destination. 

Things To Do: It is a perfect destination for people who want to explore medieval castles, modern and contemporary art, alpine landscapes, hiking and skiing. Some of the not-to-miss attractions include the Traditional Farmhouse Museum, Gutenburg Castle, Liechtenstein National Museum and the Historical Eschnerberg Trail. 

So, pack your bags today and get ready to explore these lesser known destinations in the world.