5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Galapagos

If you ask any Ecuadorian what they would suggest tourists should visit while in their country, most of them will say “Galapagos”. The locals are not the only ones who are proud of this place. Many known actors, scientists, and researches have been here both privately and professionally.

However, this still doesn’t answer why the Galapagos Islands are so popular. This place is a unique blend of modern and native, offering more than meets the eye. Here are some of the reasons why visiting Galapagos is a good idea.

  1. Amazing Wildlife

After all, it’s no coincidence that Darwin made his theory of evolution while visiting this place. There are a lot of insects, water life, reptiles, birds, and mammals that live here in the same ecosystem. No matter how many animals you’ve seen in your life, when you see the Galapagos tortoise or some of the lizards standing on the beach, you will be amazed.

  1. Scuba Diving

Galapagos has unique deep waters and currents which attract many experienced divers from across the whole world. There are many different kinds of diving activates that can be done on these islands. At the same time, you can visit some very pristine locations that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. The water life is extremely friendly and dives often make friends with the animals they encounter.

  1. Exciting Hiking Trails

When looking at travel agencies and their Galapagos Islands tour packages, you will often see that they include guides and hiking as well.  This is because the whole archipelago offers a lot of trails that go from one island to another. There are some amazing sights to be seen along these paths like beaches, forests, amazing views, animals, landscapes, and much more.

  1. Yachting

If you like yachting, chances are that you won’t found a better location in the world for this kind of activity. Most of the Galapagos Islands are completely untouched by humans and their nature is uncompromised. Going around them with a yacht will give you a perspective of how amazing this place really is.

  1. It’s Paradise for Birdwatchers

There are many birds around the archipelago and over 80% of them are native to the island. The islands Isabela and Fernandina are the home to Galapagos Penguin. There are a lot of seagull species, even nocturnal types, and some of the most interesting birds to be found here are cormorants that can’t fly.

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