5 Safety Tips for Female Travelers Visiting Uganda

Are you planning to visit Uganda as a solo traveler? Are you a female traveler and you feel scared setting off for a road trip alone? If you fall here then it is high time you stopped worrying! Uganda is remarkably that one safest African state you can pay a visit and you won’t regret thereafter. Regardless of this fact, one needs to be very keen as this country is not a 100 percent safe just like it is in other countries. According to the Uganda Guide, the following safety travel tips must be put into consideration if you are to have the most enjoyable safari holiday.

First, plan for your accommodation

If you are planning for your safari to Uganda, you need a travel agent or a ground tour operator to deal with to assist you arrange for you your safari and this includes getting for you that dream hotel facility for overnight stay. Not all lodges or hotels may be that safe and ground tour operators given their experiences, they know which hotel is safe and which ones are not. They can find you that safe, clean hotel or lodge for your stay and in suitable location for you to also easily get to your dream destination.

Blend in and never act lost

In most cases, when you are on solo trip, higher chances are you can get lost especially in new areas that you are not familiar. The best way to stay in such areas or new destination or city, is simply for you to blend in. However much you may get stares especially if you are foreigner, try and learn some few words in Luganda or local language in particular part of the country you plan to head to. Avoid acting lost in case you are. Feel free to ask around say police officer for directions or locals.

Ensure that your valuables are every safe

Avoid carrying huge sums of money while in the city or town area. But you can carry the amount depending on the things you wish to spend on and the rest can remain in the hotel. In case you are carrying some cash, make sure that you put it in front pocket where you can easily put your hand on otherwise putting it in the back pocket put it at a risk of pickpockets. For your passports and return tickets, it is better that you keep them safe. You may need a copy of your passport such that you leave its original at the hotel room. In case you are on safari at the park, you may need a backpack to keep your documents safe. Then those with jewelry, please keep them safe. You can decide to leave them at the hotel or lodge or purchase a crafted Uganda jewelry to put on top of your accessories. In case you have a leather strap watch, make sure that you tighten it to avoid it being torn off from your hand. For cell phone and camera, make sure they are well protected and avoid carrying them in your hands. While at a restaurants, make sure that you don’t display them on the table.

Don’t walk at night

While on solo trip in a new destination like Uganda, walking at night may not be safe for you just it is a case in other countries. Therefore avoid as much as you can walking in dark areas and stay safe in your comfortable lodge or hotel room.

Dress well

A trip to a new destination doesn’t mean that you disrespect the cultures and norms in that destination. For those of you who may happen to be in urban areas, higher chance you may meet a group that is up-to date but if you get to the villages of which many safaris are conducted in Uganda, you are advised to avoid short skirts or shorts as a way for you to show some cultural respect.

Generally, solo travel in Uganda is safe as all visitors are accorded maximum respect. Besides, there are strict measures that have been put in place to safe guard travelers and this includes use of well-trained tourism police to monitor touristic sites.