9 Main Types of Motorbikes – Choose Your Favourite

You are passionate about riding a motorbike. You feel enchanted while imagining that a clean, black stretch of road is winding before you and disappearing into the horizon, cool breeze is blowing through your hair and jacket, and your hands are sturdily holding the controls of the bike with a sense of power!

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Indeed a motorcycle offers the true joy of operating a vehicle and makes you feel powerful and speedy. But have you decided which type of motorcycle you want to ride?

Yes, a motorcycle is not of just one type. There are so many types of them. Even you can hire skilled Australian motorcycle importers like Dazmac Logistics and get an imported motorcycle for you. But first you have to decide which type of motorbike you want.

Here are a few prominent types of motorcycles.

1. Adventure

Typically designed to be versatile, adventure motorbikes come with high seat, long travel suspension, extensive luggage options, decent drop protection, a decent-sized screen and optional wire-spoked wheels.

They are meant for extreme range and capability, and an odd bit of very light dirt/off-road track adventuring, though riding a heavy bike off-road properly can be a tough job.

However, off-road focused variants are also presented by some manufacturers.

2. Naked

Naked motorcycles give the air of British motorbikes of the 60s and they don’t have any fairings or bodywork that hide engines and other inner parts in other bikes.

Naked bikes are basically sport bikes with no bodywork.

3. Choppers

See the film “Easy Rider” in which Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper ride Harley-Davidson bikes to see what choppers are.Choppers sport reclined seats, extremely raked forks and a lot of eye-catching chrome.

4. Cruisers

Cruisers are like a dignified form of choppers with a less extreme fork rake. They are designed for relaxed riding. They radiate an air of being cool.

5. Power Cruisers

As the name suggests, power cruisers are variants of cruisers with added power and eventually provide more powerful riding.

They typically receive high performance qualities from their sports bike cousins. They also feature big exhaust pipes, thick rear tyres and low ground clearances.

6. Enduro

Built for long distance off-road contests, Enduro motorbikes often feature headlights and taillights to facilitate nighttime riding.

You can even outfit them with timers and roll chart reading devices that can help you for timekeeping and sport’s navigation needs.

Enduro bikes are not just supposed to navigate harsh terrain, but are also required to withstand the rigidities of prolonged abuse.

7. Dirt Bikes

As you can imagine, dirt bikes are meant for off-road riding. So, they sport long travel suspension, knobby tyres and minimalistic bodywork and frames.

8. Touring Bikes

Touring motorbikes are designed for long-distance riding and their features compete with many other vehicles including heated grips, electronically adjustable suspension, backrests, intercom systems, and creature comforts like navigation systems and satellite radios.

9. Motocross Bikes

Motocross motorbikes are dirt bikes built to participate in outdoor motocross competitions, in terrains that contain difficult turns and jumps.

So, have you found a bike that matches your interests? Choose one also when you hire a classic car imports Australia like Dazmac Logistics because choosing your type is very important.

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