A guide for the Climbing Kilimanjaro

Surely if you like the mountain and travel, you have set out to investigate which are the most emblematic or high mountains of the planet, to know the world at the stroke of a shoe while reaching its peak.

And surely Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, with its imposing 5,895 m high, has appeared to you everywhere.

Well with this mega guide I will give you all the information like where is Mt Kilimanjaro and what you need to know if this destination is right for you.

Recommendations and tips for travelling to Tanzania

Here is a series of indications that will be very helpful if you want to take a trip to Tanzania to see the most famous mountain in Tanzania, Kilimanjaro.

 How to get to Tanzania

Kilimanjaro International Airport receives direct flights from many parts of the world. From Europe there are direct flights from Amsterdam with KLM several days a week. Also other companies like Qatar, Emirates or Turkish Airlines fly to this airport. We flew with KLM, and it took us 16 hours, with the stopover in Amsterdam from Madrid.

Previous preparation

Most of the people who like to do Climbing Kilimanjaro are mountaineers or hikers accustomed to long walks in the mountains; this is without a doubt the best possible preparation.

Some people not accustomed decide to start the months prior to the promotion with a training plan that can include activities such as running, cycling, swimming, or visits to the gym.

All these activities are adequate however the best training will surely be to take the opportunity to visit the local mountains. Start with short trips to gradually progress to full days in the mountain is an alternative that will provide the necessary physical changes: better use of oxygen, greater capillary in the muscles, resistance to fatigue, and proper mental attitude.

Equipment necessary to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

The equipment necessary to climb Mount Kilimanjaro does not differ much from the usual for any other week-long trek, although in this case we must pay special attention to the thermal difference between the base and the top of the mountain. Nor forget that it is more than likely some day in the rain.

Another distinctive feature is that we have porters, in addition to camping equipment, food, and cooking utensils. Bear in mind that most operators limit the maximum weight of the equipment of each mountaineer is 15 kg.

As there is usually a big difference between some people and others regarding the equipment they consider necessary, an extensive checklist of possible equipment is proposed so that each one can adapt it to their mountain style. It is a very common mistake to exceed the team.

As far as altitude sickness is concerned, it is very difficult to prepare in any way unless you have the possibility of visiting areas of sufficient height. Aerobic improvement can help reduce symptoms, but not all people respond equally to the decrease in oxygen in the air, so we must have experience of mountain climbing before start our visit.