A guide on canyoning in Bovec, Slovenia

Slovenia is the perfect destination for adventure sports. One of the most suitable places for the practice of this type of sports is the Soča Valley . You can choose between the different experiences they offer and canyoning in Bovec is one of them.

One of the most demanded is the adventure of canyoning in Bovec, perhaps because of the beauty of the scenarios where it is practiced. Crossing the Soča River over its turquoise waters, and at the foot of the imposing Slovenian Alps, is undoubtedly something unique.

The ideal dates for canyoning in Bovec

The rafting descent can be done as a family, with children or in classic style. You can also get some small introductory classes. The ideal dates for canyoning in Bovec are from March 15 to October 15, since the weather is good and the water conditions are optimal. Normally the activity lasts between an hour and a half or two hours, in which the specialized monitors will teach you the rules and advice so that you do not have mishaps. In addition they will give you all the necessary accessories for canyoning in Bovec, such as the life jacket, the helmet, the neoprene shoes and windbreakers. And of course it includes liability insurance.

Other activities to do except cayioning in Bovec

Another activity in high demand in the Soča River is the Mini Rafting, a modality of the previous sport, in the boat only three people fit each one, in contrast to the traditional canyoning that can fit up to 9 people.

Of course, in a place like the Soča River, where ravines and waterfalls abound, you can also practice Canyoning (from April 30 to October 15). This experience consists of going down natural slides, jumping, walking, rappelling or swimming through those canyons. Adrenaline will travel your body going back to childhood, no doubt. The canyoning or canyoning allows you to enjoy the surroundings, as you walk on foot for about 20 minutes along beautiful trails until you reach beautiful waterfalls that make you skin on edge and that will also help you to warm up the body. You can practice from 10 years.

There are more activities to do here such as Kayaking, individual kayak descent or a couple on the Soca River that can be done from April 1 to October 31.

And you will ask how to get there, because the Agency that carries out this activity, also takes care of your transfer, so there is no excuse to immerse yourself in such magical waters and enjoy an experience you will never forget.

For those who like more rain-fed sports, we can also help you with the rental of bicycles in the area, or with mountain bike experiences, bicycle trips to enjoy the waterfalls and even climb or take a dip after a day on two wheels.