A Simplified Guide to Family Based Green Card

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The United States of America’s immigration law permits certain outside residents green card, who are related family of US citizens and legal permanent residents by getting legal perpetual citizenship in light of particular family relations such as life partner, kids or parents.

What is a green card?

A green card is something which allows any nonresident or foreigner to permanently live and work in the United States. There are a lot of people residing in several countries around the globe who have an inclination towards immigrating into the United States of America with the Green card.

About family green cards

A family based green card is a type of immigrant visa helps the family nonresident family members of a US citizen or lawful resident to immigrate to United States legally. If you have acquired the family green card you will be allowed to relocate permanently to United States.

In order to apply for the green card of America, it requires two family members. The first one will be the petitioner who will be sponsoring the family member to immigrate to US. The second one will be the beneficiary who is willing to immigrate to the country.

The person who is filing the petition is required to the legal citizen or the lawful permanent resident of United States of America.

It is important for the petitioner to a particular relation with the beneficiary that qualifies the law. The applicant is required to show all the legal documents and the family relationship should be proved before the immigration.

How to apply for Green Cards based on family?

  • First, a petition should be filed by the US citizen who will be sponsoring the immigration of the family member. The petitioner is required to fill a form for  Petition for Alien Relatives.
  • After the approval the application process on the beneficiary side take place. The beneficiary is required to fill the form, go through medical examination, assemble their documents and attend an interview with the embassy.
  • After all these steps if the family based green card is approved. The beneficiary will receive a NVC packet and Visa to immigrate to United States of America.