Activities that aid your child in having the time of their lives

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Are you looking to ensure that your child gets the best experience during the holidays? You are in luck because there are numerous all season vacation care activities in Canberra. School holidays can be tough on working parents as they contemplate how to juggle between parenting and working. That is where we come in handy. We will ensure that your child is fully occupied with fun and entertaining activities all through the holidays and thus give you ample time to work. We have made it our mission to ensure that the kids have the time of their lives with us and create fun memories that they will always remember.

Fun activities for the kids

We offer a wide range of activities including games and sports, team building activities, talent search among others. We understand that physical fitness is very imperative in growing children and therefore we do a lot of outdoor activities such as running, soccer, badminton among other sports. We also have activities and games to stimulate their minds such as chess for the older kids and puzzles for the younger ones. At a young age is when most children discover their gifts and talents and we ensure to include activities that provide a platform for them to showcase what they do best.

Talent discovery

There are singing and dancing sessions where we give the kids a chance to perform. Aside from that, there are also arts and crafts where they learn how to draw and make things with their hands. It provides a very comprehensive hands-on experience.  They get to make models which are then put on display in order to encourage them to continue doing the same. There are also team building activities that show them the importance of working together such as tag of war. We do so because we know and believe that we all need each other and no one is an island and is fully independent.

Culture diversity

The best thing about vacation care is that children get to interact with other kids from all walks of life. We accept kids from all races, cultures, backgrounds, and ethnicities. As a result, the children mingle with others and through their interaction, they are able to appreciate and accept each other for who they are. The diversity of culture brought about by the different children also assists them in learning about other people who do not exactly share the same customs as them.

Children’s safety 

In providing our vacation care services, safety comes first. We try as much as humanly possible to ensure that no harm comes to the children in their socialization and interaction. That is why we take it upon ourselves to ensure that those who are responsible for their well-being are properly vetted before they are employed as educators. They should first of all have the passion of working with kids because they are required to give their all. They need to be familiar with what children like in order to give them the best experience that they will fully enjoy during the holidays.