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Arctic Trek

Have you ever wanted to go on an Arctic Trek? The King’s Trail could be the answer.

The Arctic. The Great White North. In the winter is verdant green land of wildlife and wonder takes a white and cold turn and become a veritable winter wonderland, with serene blankets of white tumbling over the towering hills.

Scandinavia is a land of Vikings, ice, and mountains, and the very bravest of adventurers will tackle the kungsleden trail. What is this adventure?

The Kungsleden or King’s Trail is an fantastic hiking route, which runs for 440 km through the North of the country from Abisko at the North to hemavan in the South,

To complete the whole thing takes around a month, but most hikers will cut it up into sections that are around a week-long.

Hailed as ‘The King of all Mountain Trails’ it’s said that this journey will provide complete secluded wilderness, stunning views and an authentic experience.

Of those, the six-day section from Abisko to Nikkaluokta is the most popular section. If you have never been on a snowshoe trek then you’re in luck as this is the ideal beginners snowshoe trek. We recommend that you go with a guided tour in order to properly experience the local Sami culture, including reindeer herding and seeing a Sami village with your own eyes!

The adventure features overnight stays in Swedish mountain huts, which are all fitted out with saunas to fight off the cold and relax you after a hard day’s trekking in the cold – it really is the ultimate recovery for an arctic trek!

Along the way some incredible sights of mountains and valleys are viewable including the site of Abisko, Kebnekaise, which is Sweden’s highest mountain at 2,111 meters (or 6,926ft), in the centre of swedish alpinism, with the lodge (Kebnekaise Fjallstation) at its foot. You can also check out the heart of Sarek National Park, part of Lapland’s world heritage site – no roads, tracks or bridges make this a terrain for experienced hikers. Along the way you can pass through Kvikkjokk an old mountain farming village, for a real experience of the mountain lifestyle on this artic trek.

With a trip of this epic proportions, there are many various things to consider, including the itinerary, rations, flights, accommodation, navigation, safety measures, equipment, transportation and communications. If you are unable to organise this yourself then you might want to look at guided tours which will be organised to make sure the arctic trek runs as greatly and smoothly as possible.

Hermawan and Tarnaby, which are small villages/towns with a rich history and nice hiking possibilities in the summer, and in the winter many backcountry skiing possibilities.

For those of you who have great dreams of journeying through a serene wide open alpine environment with a sense of peace and seclusion, then this is certainly the place for you.

Good luck on your adventure to the frozen north!

“The trail was simply amazing, and the folk one meets along the way was very diverse.An amazing series of trails that really lets one experience safe hiking above the Arctic Circle snowshoe holiday. The simple pleasure of just drinking from the streams without concern was a great as well.” Iporze

The nature is absolutely beautiful. You can drink the water from all of the streams, sometimes spot some reindeers and walk for hours and hours. It is not a very strenuous hiking, most of the hike is quite flat.” Wearetwosundowners


“What an adventure! Fantastic back to basics hike. Not for those with dodgy knees or hips(too many stones/rocks). Challenging but manageable. Superb huts, hosts and saunas.”  – Nniddonail