One of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Luxor is the Banana Island. This island is characterized by its presence in the center of the Nile, which makes it very important for tourism.

To reach the Banana Island you must ride a glider or a flocca to cross the quiet Nile River with the most delicious bananas at all and to reach the western land in a few minutes to the place of the island to enjoy the wonderful rural atmosphere ..

Info about Luxor Island in detail:

  • The island of Banana Island is about five acres, which stretches along the Nile River and runs on the west bank of Luxor.
  • This island is characterized by a large number of high palms, this island is calm and fresh air.


  • This island is called this name because the banana tree grows heavily on it by extending the island and inside, tourists are meant to enjoy the natural landscape and sunshine, where recreation and psychological comfort.
  • Many fruit trees, such as fig trees, guava trees, sugarcane and palm trees, are also grown.
  • The island contains a number of animals such as wolves, nests and crocodiles inside the cages are secure and well, and there is also on the island a small lake with different types of ducks and geese, which are loved by children a lot and there is a special tower to increase the island joy and beauty.
  • This tour of the entire island takes about an hour to regain your activity and then feel comfortable, and by the end of the tour we will find a number of workers on the island with large dishes of bananas to give visitors to taste the bananas planted without any pesticides or hormones.
  • In the middle of the island there is an old carriageway and many chairs and benches are made around it, made of wood to sit and enjoy the charming views.
  • This island is very suitable for capturing a lot of beautiful memorial images to be a beautiful memory of this trip, it is possible to photograph with some reptiles like snakes and lizards.


  • There is a simple cafe on the island to drink tea on the lawns and hot herbal drinks and the most popular Arabic coffee drinks with love

The island is open to visitors every day and enjoys a magical sunset view with a dinner on a private boat or felucca, which distinguishes the banana island trip of about two hours.

Banana Island Entry Ticket Price:

The price of the island ticket is 10 pounds and prices may vary according to the tourist season

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