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Fun Things To Indulge In Bangalore When The Weather Is Just Perfect

When you live in Bangalore, there are perks you cannot ignore. It is a city that has a lot to offer. In case you are looking forward to grab a cup of coffee with your friend or taking some time off work and relaxing with your family, the city has everything you need.

From food lovers, adventure lovers to solitude and enlightenment seekers, people from different places of the country flock to this part of India. The best restaurants in Bangalore serve amazing food that will leave you wanting more every time. Also, its extraordinary beauty greatly defines why it is known as ‘The City of Gardens’.

Hesaraghatta Lake: The iconic picnic spot

The Hesaraghatta Lake is a decade-old freshwater lake which is considered among one of the prodigies of nature. This is also a great source of water for the people of Bangalore. During the sunset time, this natural beauty echoes with the chirping sound of birds. Carrying binoculars is always useful as some amazing birds like Bushlarks, Paddy Field Pipit, Pond Heron, Black Drongo, Magpie Robin, Brahminy Kite, Cormorants, Egret, and Pale Billed Flowerpecker soar above you.

So, if you love enjoying some time amidst nature with your family or closed ones, a picnic at the Hesaraghatta Lake is prudent.

Mesmerize in the Beauty of Lalbagh Botanical Gardens

The unique spread of various colours along with the scent of flowers makes Lalbagh Botanical Gardens an iconic symbol of beauty for nature lovers. With the blooming flora, this park is the ideal location to enjoy some greenery. Thousands of exotic flowers and other plant species are grown parallelly in rows. You will be amazed to see the varieties and types they have. This large park harnessing greenery helps to rejuvenate one’s mind. If you explore the garden properly, you will find a few trees as old as hundred years. Covering an area of nearly 40 acres, this huge park was set up by Hyder Ali. Also, the park boasts a few rare species of tropical plants, a clock adorned with flowers, and a Snow White and Seven Dwarfs themed park.

Ulsoor Lake: Spend your evenings Boating

Whether you are alone or have company, boating in a placid lake is a very relaxing and peaceful experience. Located in the heart of the city, Ulsoor Lake is an escape for the people of Bangalore who are tired of their daily mundane schedule. The flora and fauna of the area replenish the mind. Ulsoor Lake is replete with small islands where people can stop over for a while. During the sunset time, go out on a walk along the lake side. The beautiful reflection of the sun on the water appears surreal.

Find the adventure enthusiast within you at Shivagange

For the people who find thrill in adventure, visiting Shivagange is quite an amazing experience. People mostly frequent this place owing to the long and exciting trek that takes you to the top of the mountain. It is a 804.8m high mountain peak that has a peak in the shape of a shivalinga. Further, it has a little stream flowing by and hence, the name Shivagange. For the youngsters who are zealous trekkers, this place serves as the ideal destination. Also, there are religious superstitions associated with the peak owing to the Sharadambe temple and several teerthas such as Kanva Teertha, Agasthya Teertha, and many more.

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