Albania may look like a small country with a lesser number of tourists but in reality, there are many things to do and see in this exotic country. Albania is blessed with the most beautiful and rugged coastline in the world. The country is now becoming increasingly popular among tourists who want to explore untouched and off beaten destinations. From breathtaking beaches to the stunning mountain ranges to crystal clear blue lakes to the old and colorful villages; Albania is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and culturally rich countries that you should definitely visit at least once in your lifetime.

Weather in Albania varies from month to month; winter and summer being the major seasons. Deciding when to visit Albania honestly depends on the activities you want to do or places you want to see in the country. To know about the best time to visit Albania, we are going to give you month-by-month weather guide that will help you plan your trip easier:


Januarys are rather cold in Albania, with the temperatures plunging to near freezing point. The inlands and mountain regions get bitingly cold and because of the excessive rains, there is always a chance of flooding, land sliding and consequently, blocking of roads and passages. This is also, however, the best time to head up to the mountains for some outdoor winter sports such as skiing.


Much like January, February can be extremely cold too. The average low temperature is about 1 degree. The southern cities like Saranda are generally 1 to 2 degrees warmer than the north, with less rain and more sunny days on average. It is a great time for winter sport enthusiasts to visit because the snow is deep and because there is very small tourist traffic, prices are very low as well. Many businesses along the Albanian Rivera shut down for the winters so just keep that in mind before planning a trip.


March is still a great time to visit the country if you want to enjoy winter sports and activities. Snowboarding and skiing are some of the most popular ones among the visitors. It is a magical time to visit the country when the entire landscape gets covered in snow and frost settles on lakes and rivers. The nights are colder than the day, with the average day time temperature being around 6 to 8 C


Spring is the best season to be visiting Albania in. The weather starts to warm up and is perfect for both, a mountain or a beach holiday. The weather is rather pleasant with an average temperature in Tirana being 20 to 23 C. Saranda and the Ionian Coast are nice places to lounge around and just relax by the beaches. Or there is always the option of enjoying a fun boat ride to the beautiful and pristine Ksamil Islands.


With the days generally sunny, May is a wonderful time to visit the country. The crowds are pretty small and the weather mild. Berut, declared a world heritage site by UNESCO because of its beauty should ideally be visited in May if you want to enjoy gorgeous views of the city from the castle located on top of the hill. The average daytime temperature is 16 C and it rains a measly 9 days on average, so there really isn’t much disrupting your plans.


June is the best time to explore the Albanian Rivera which is a must see/must visit if you plan to holiday in Albania. The weather is not too warm, but rather, stays around a comfortable 23 C during the day. Since there are very few tourists that come here during this month, the prices are pretty low. Affordable prices, small crowds, amazing views and pleasant weather all combined make June a perfect time to visit the country.


Although there definitely are some warm days especially by the coast, on average the daily temperature does not exceed 25 to 26 degrees, making July another great summer travelling month. July is one of the peak seasons for tourism. The sun shines at its brightest during this month, warming the coastline up considerably. If you want to escape the heat, then the mountains are a good place to go, where the weather is moderate, and the temperatures cool enough with an average of 15 C.


Just like July, August brings with it warmth, festivals and a swarm of local and foreign tourists. The weather in Tirana can shoot up to 34 to 35 C. In this weather it is best to head over to the mountainous areas where the temperatures are very pleasant. Hiking the Teth in the Albanian Alps or exploring the Grunas Waterfall are some of the ways you can spend your time in Albania in August.


The average maximum temperature in Albania in September is 28 C whereas the minimum temperature can hover somewhere around 16 degrees. The climatic conditions make the month suitable for a sun vacation, road trips or cycling along the beautiful countryside.


October is perhaps one of the best times to visit the country in terms of the weather. It is neither too hot, nor too cold, making it ideal for outdoor exploration. Autumn temperatures range from 13 to 25 C and in some places, especially in the mountains, it starts to snow. Since this is the shoulder season, tourism is pretty low, making it the perfect time to visit site seeing spots.


The temperatures start to plummet by the start of November, and it starts raining and snowing a fair amount. The average high daytime temperature does not exceed 7 degrees and nights get really chilly. Make sure to wear lots of warm layers to avoid catching a cold during the chilly weather. Head over to places like Bigell and Voskopoja to enjoy accommodation near ski resorts at an affordable price.


December is considered one of the coldest months of the year in Albania with the average temperature being 2 to 3 C. It snows heavily, thus many roads and passages get blocked. It is a low season, so prices are pretty low and affordable, perfect if you’re travelling on a budget. It is the best time to explore the frost covered city that looks absolutely enchanting with the snow and holiday lights.


There is not really a time when you shouldn’t visit Albania as the country offers pleasant weather throughout the year. Though in some months, crowd of tourists is higher than in other months. If you are after beach or mountains, then you should consider visiting Albania in April to June or in September and October. You’ll find higher crowds in the month of July as its scorching heat in Albania. Winter in Albania which is from November to March, doesn’t see many tourists as activities are restricted.

If you want to choose the best time to visit Albania, you must list down the things you want to do and then look for the weather which would let you enjoy your trip.

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Hope you have a great time in Albania!