Boat Trailer Bunk Replacement Options You Would Need Now

10 Best Carpets for Boat Trailer Bunks Reviewed & Rated 2020

Ships, like airplanes, rely on the little things to survive. A little rivet out of place, a little washer from leaking fuel system, even a strip of carpet on the trailer can make the difference between playing Kate Winslet on the bow of the Titanic, and playing Leonardo DiCaprio in the Atlantic. Bunk carpet on your trailer may seem like a trivial thing of sorts, but its regular replacement is crucial to protect yourself from damage to the underside of the boat. And, for something that only takes a couple of hours every few years, there’s no reason not to make it as necessary. For that check out the best boat trailer bunk replacement product on the market


Cut the board to the proper length to use the circular saw. Lay the wood on a flat surface so that you can make the rug design on the board. Place the outdoor mat under the board and wrap the board tightly with the mat. Leave about 3 inches of overhang at the ends of the joint, so you can wrap the ends.

  • Cut the mat to the correct width and recheck the fit where the ends of the mat will match each other end to end. The matching seam should be on the raised side of the joint, not the top or bottom. You will find that it is easier to stretch the rug down than up.
  • Place the mat back on the board, do not cut the overlapping ends for the boards at this time. Remove the mat from the board and lay the mat flat, face down, on a solid surface, and spray both the underside of the mat and the surface boards with marine glue.

Attach the mat to the board once the glue cures to an adherent. Follow the glue manufacturer’s instructions as some glues may have to be applied differently. Staple the carpet to the board along the mating seams, and allow the glue to dry completely. This can take approximately one to two hours, depending on the queue.

Make the best Removal Choices Now

Remove the old bunks from the trailer while you glue them, and measure the holes for any of the bolts or lag screws that hold the bunker to the trailer. Transfer this measurement to the new bunks. Drill the screw holes in the new bunks using the correct size electric drill and drill bit.

Cut and assemble the end pieces of the mat overlapping with the end of the boards. You can easily cut a single side flap and glue the carpet to the end of the board. Use the staple gun and attach along the seams of the carpet with some staples. Attach the new bunks to the trailer with the new hardware.