Budapest Airport Transfers

Are you planning to go to Budapest? Have no idea what the logistics of your arrival at the airport will be like? If you choose Hungary as your destination and spend a few days in Budapest, here are some tips and recommendations to make your trip a very comforting and satisfying experience.

Have you already thought about what it will be like when you get off the plane with your luggage? You probably asked yourself the following: What do I do then?

Well, for transfers from Budapest airport, which by the way was formerly known as Ferihegy and is now calledFerenc Liszt, it may take 16 km to the city center.  You must decide if you want to do this tour by public transport or take a Budapest Airport taxi. If you decide to use public transport you will arrive in about 45 min and while it takes 30 by taxi.

Both alternatives will be very comfortable for you, but each one with its own advantages; if you take public transport, which is working since dawn, especially the Budapest metro bus, you will save money, and however, it will take you more time than taking a taxi. If you only have a few days in the city, you should make the most of your time. The best thing to do is to take a taxi from the Budapest airport, but if you have chosen to take a taxi, it is important to take your time to look for already established companies that offer these services. Generally, it is much better to look for these services on the web in advance so that you can find lower prices, with the flexibility in terms of reservations and payments that some companies offer, it will be even more convenient.

I hope you find these recommendations for moving from Budapest airport to downtown very useful.