Camping Experiences in Southern Asia

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If you are in the hunt of tremendous places in Southern Asia, then you are at the right place. Here, is going to reveal his exposure to the best places of Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia.


Nam Pha Pa Hai

Fortunately, I have visited most adorable place of the world,Thailand too. The nature lovers find it an ideal place to visit. We have found a place two hours away from the capital city of Thailand, Nam Pha Pa Hai. This is a river surrounded by huge trees. You can gear your camp here. In addition,you can find trees as your resort and can book it for some nights or any other kind of naturally structured halts.


Phetchabun is another visiting place in Thailand. The mountain is built on the 1,143 meters peak. When people reach to its summit it gives them incentive and they get stunning looking nature of the world. There are different resorts and hotels available to stay. However, you can locate your camp to stay at this place. You will love the calm and peaceful atmosphere around you. Your stay may get extend with the attractiveness of this region so control your heart!


There are several places to visit in Vietnam but for camping you have to selective in your choice. Travelling to Vietnam was one of the memorable trips of my life.

Y Lake

Whenever you have to visit Vietnam you should visit to one of the best place that is Y Lake. During your camping you will find beauty of the nature from every balcony. You do not have to worry about room; every room has the balcony front from where you can feel the attractiveness of this lake.You will find a restaurant there as well where you will find the food menu with herbs and vegetables in abundance.

Lak Lake

During Vietnam trip you also have to visit Lak Lake that is one of the attractive places for tourists as well. It was a palace that has beenhalted by Emperor Bao Dai. You have to travel to it using a boat in the lake because it is located in between the water.People enjoy journey to the palace. Moreover, there are stilt houses and villages where you can stay as paying guest. You have to move further from here to the countryside for visiting cultivated area of coffee so do not hesitate for hiring rides.


Ten103 Treehouse Bay

If you are a adventurous one than you should not miss the visit to Cambodia. It is the place where you get unique places to stay such as Ten103 Treehouse Bay. It has a beautiful beech that has clear view from your room.It has swings and hammocks to entertain people. Moreover, rooms have safe nest to stay safely.

Crusoe Island Beach Camping and Bungalows

Another place to visit in Cambodia is Crusoe Island Beach Camping and Bungalows. The place is so calm to stay. The beech is some miles away from your bungalow and gives a pleasure and calm environment to stay. The beach is very clean. The owners provide good food and restful rooms to stay init. It is a nice beach however; you will find an atmosphere of the village here where you have to take bath after getting water from the well. You will enjoy this unique place for its old techniques for sure because of the calmness of this region. At evening, travelers come together in bungalow at evening and meet with each other. They discuss extension of their stay at this place.


Kamu Lodge

In Laos, Kamu Lodge is one of the beautiful places to visit. The place is amazing for the people who cannot choose to live without Wifi easily because it’s a village where you can reside and you will not find TV, Radio or Wifi. Your tents will be benefited with the solar panel and you will get the light with the mercy of sun. However, veranda will give you exposure to Mekong River, the attractiveness of the river and nearby area will make you forget anything!

Laung Prabang

Another peaceful place to visit in Laos is Laung Prabang. LaungPrabang has famous temples in it. The place has not changed the tradition and people living in this place are living traditionally as they were many years ago. So enjoy the traditional culture with them and do not forget to visit the famous temple, for name, Wat Xieng Thong.