Canada eTA

Endless woods, breathtaking nature, lots of culture and fascinating cities. In Canada, there are so many wonders to discover that a trip alone is never enough! Many leave for Canada to change their lives, move and seek long-term work. If you are planning a shorter vacation in this beautiful country, find out about the new rules for foreigners who want to visit Canada. Below we explain how to get the eTA, the document that will allow you to embark without thoughts to discover the great North!

Here’s how to apply for ETA

The ETA must be requested online before embarking on the Canadian Government website. It is a simple procedure that can be performed by a computer, mobile phone and any other device connected to the internet. The data required to fill in the request are a valid passport (the same one you will use to embark), a credit card and an email address. The cost of Canada eTA application is 7 Canadian dollars (just under 5 euros), which will be charged to the credit card used during the application process. If all the data you have entered are correct and there are no problems with your application, after a few minutes you will receive the confirmation by email.

The form to request the ETA is available only in English and in French on this page.

However, you can find all the information in Italian on the ETA by consulting this page of the Canadian Government website

Who does not need to apply for Canada ETA

Anyone traveling to Canada by land or sea will not need this authorization, as well as US citizens, holders of dual citizenship, one Canadian, Canadian permanent residents and travelers with a valid visa for stays longer than 6 months or for other reasons other than mere tourism. These visas must be requested in advance at the Canadian Embassy in Rome. For more information on the types of entry visas for Canada, you can consult this page The site of the Embassy of Canada in Italy instead is found here.

What does the ETA allow?

Travelers who obtain the ETA can stay in Canada for a period not exceeding 6 months and strictly for tourist reasons. The ETA does not allow you to stay on Canadian territory beyond this time limit and does not allow you to study, work or perform paid activities of any kind (not even internships or internships).

Once you have obtained the ETA, all you have to do is pack your bags, remember your passport and … go on an adventure in beautiful Canada!

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