Car Rental Options for The Perfect Rhodes Trip

In most cases it is possible to rent in one city or country and return in another, but it is recommended to check the availability of this option at the time of rental, as each rental company has its own rule regarding this service. In addition, the service may involve the payment of additional fees, better known as the “return fee” or “one-way fee”. So you can now go for the best Car rental companies near old town of Rhodes.

Understand the difference between free and restricted km

The ideal is to rent vehicles with free mileage, especially because, if it is restricted and exceeds the number of kilometers driven allowed by the tariff, the fee for additional kilometers is not low. That way, if the driver decides to extend his trip to a neighboring city, there will be no problem. You can click here  for the best choices there.

Include insurance in the reservation

Opt for the most complete coverage possible. This way, avoid problems in case of damage to the vehicle, receive guarantee of protection against collisions in third parties, life insurance and any other occurrences that may happen during the rental of the car.

Opt for the fuel tank service

Some rental companies offer a fuel tank service, which allows the car to be returned with an empty tank. If this service is not part of the package or is not contracted directly at the rental desk, when the car is picked up, the vehicle must be refueled before return. Otherwise, the rental company will charge the difference, which is higher than what would be paid to refuel the vehicle at a gas station. So stay tuned.

Include insurance in the reservation

Do the inspection before pick up at the rental company

Performing the inspection with the attendant before removing the vehicle from the rental company is extremely important to prevent extra charges. Any damage presented when the car is returned will be charged to the renter. For this reason, the security deposit is required.

Avoid problems, be aware of possible risks in the bodywork, lack of carpet, loss of door pins, damage to the mirrors, and signal the attendant if there is any damage before leaving with the car.

Save on car rental abroad

It is possible to save money when renting a car for trips abroad with Through the platform, it is possible to split international reserves on the credit card without paying the 6.38% rate for credit operations abroad (IOF), since the entire transaction is made in Brazil. You can even pay the lease on the bank slip with a 5% discount to avoid compromising the card limit that will be used as a guarantee.