Confessions of a Bangalore Shopaholic

Shopping is therapy and if done smartly, does not always burn a big hole in your pocket. For the people of Bangalore, there are some pocket-friendly places offering this therapeutic experience. Bangalore has earned itself the moniker ‘The Silicon Valley of India’ and rightly so, for the city is brimming with IT professionals. This technology burst has led to a growth spurt in a lot of malls at every corner of the city which are often the obvious choice for shopping. In order to do some smart and reasonable shopping, one must have the eye to spot markets that give you amazing deals on super amazing products and this list is going to do that job for you very well.

  • Commercial Street

This one is for ladies as this market is one of the best places to go for imitation jewelry, clothing, accessories, and anything and everything that you would need to look like a million bucks without spending the same. A shout out to all the sports buffs for this market has all your sports gear and attire at extremely reasonable prices. The market has dedicated lanes for everything so if you wish to buy silver jewelry you can pick the lane that has shops selling it while your husband or boyfriend can saunter off for his own shopping to the lane selling shoes.

  • Brigade Road

Looking for some branded ware? Brigade Road is where you will find popular clothing brands including names like Vero Moda, Allen Solly, Louis Phillipe, and Baggit to name a few. There are street vendors selling some chic stuff at pretty reasonable prices and you should surely give it a dekko, for sometimes you discover treasures at such stalls. Tibetan plaza and Dubai Plaza at Brigade Road have a good collection of clothing, shoes, and accessories. You will find some good gadgets and perfumes also at Dubai Plaza. One of the plus points of this market is that the shops here stay open till late in the night and you can drop in after office hours without having to wait for the weekend. Once through with your shopping, grab a chicken wings bucket from KFC or quick burger meal from McDonald. Perfect isn’t it? Pro shopper tip: Bargain as much as you can.

  • MG Road

Bangalore is famous for its silk sarees, rosewood and sandalwood products and MG Road has several shops catering to exquisite silk sarees and handmade rose and sandalwood products. If you are looking for some pocket-friendly handicrafts, MG Roads has shops that sell hand painted pots and wall hangings. MG road is well lit up at night as the place is dotted with several pubs and eateries and you can always finish your shopping by night and then enjoy a drink or two here before heading back home.

  • Avenue Road

Skip this one altogether if you are a Kindle person for this market is a haven for book lovers who love the crisp of the pages in their hands and the smell of the paper wafting from a book. Avenue Road is a big market for second-hand books from textbooks and cookbooks to M&Bs and you can get some great volumes here at dirt cheap process; all you need is a little time and a little patience. As most markets like these, you need to put your bargaining skills to test here as well and you might get an even better deal than is being offered here. You can also sell your old books here at a decent enough price. Tucked in between the book shops are shops that sell craft items, DIY stuff, and trinkets.

  • Malleswaram

Now that you have shopped for some cookbooks from Avenue Road, it is time to apply your culinary skills and this market is going to aid in making your food even more flavorsome. Haven’t guessed it yet? Malleswaram is a market that sells herbs, spices, organic veggies, and grocery at a price that is lesser than what you would get elsewhere. It is also a big market for flowers and so everywhere you go in this market you would either get the fragrance of spices or flowers!

  • Ajji mane

Turkish crockery. If these two words excite you then head over this market for some gorgeous crockery and home décor items. The market is basically a flea market and you would find a lot of other stuff here like clothing and imitation jewelry.

  • Chickpet

Visit this one for your wholesale shopping requirements. You can get good deals here on your gold and silver jewelry and silk sarees. Most people planning to do their wedding shopping flock the crowded streets of this market.

Shopping is therapy but cheap shopping is an art and you can master it in no time if you visit these markets of Bangalore armed with bargaining skills!

Aniket Singh
Aniket Singh works for Apple Inc. in California. He comes armed with a treasure trove of experience and knowledge gained through his internships abroad. Singh loves to talk to students during their formative years so that they can avoid anything that is not helpful to long-term growth. Singh holds a BTech degree in Electrical Engineering from the IIT, Madras, Chennai, and a Master’s degree in Wireless Systems from Politecnico Di Torino in Torino, Italy. He has interned at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom and Ecole Polytechnic Federale de Lausanne in Lausanne, Switzerland during this studies. For a rewarding internship and career, take the first step. Visit him at Check out his book at Intern Abroad This Summer