Darjeeling- beautiful honeymoon destination

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Nestled amid spectacular Himalayan peaks, Darjeeling is a charming hill town and is the perfect place for honeymoon couples. It is known to be one of the most romantic places in India to visit. It is one of the best destinations in Northeast India where everything is very pleasing. Darjeeling is one of the magical lands on earth and is a very beautiful place to enjoy the quality time with your better half. Plan your Darjeeling trip with cheap Honeymoon & Romantic packages in India. The place is known as the queen of India’s hill stations.  Some of the best Darjeeling honeymoon spots include:

Tiger Hills

Tiger Hills is known to be one of the best Darjeeling honeymoon spots providing dazzling views of the sunrise. It is the perfect place to enjoy the calm gaze at snow clad Himalayan peaks and to enjoy the romantic moment with your loved one. This romantic spot is situated on Sechal road and offer scenic beauty and panoramic views of Mahalu, Lhotse, Kabru and Janu and Kanchenjunga peaks.  Visit Darjeeling by choosing best honeymoon packages available as the breathtaking view of the sunrise over Kanchenjunga from this spot is impressive and should not be missed at all.


Lamahatta is just a small village situated at about 23 kilometers from Darjeeling. It is known as one of the beautiful honeymoon places in Darjeeling that you should visit at least once with your better half. The spot offers mesmerizing views of rivers and peaks and I said to be the most peaceful place to stay. It is the perfect place where honeymoon couples can enjoy their romantic honeymoon moments. The place also presents many beautiful gardens and home to stay where you can enjoy, relax as well as soak yourself in the charm and magic of the garden.

Rangeet valley ropeway

One of most adventurous spots in Darjeeling is Rangeet valley ropeway where honeymoon couples seeking for adventure must visit. This ropeway will offer you one of the unforgettable views of the entire Darjeeling. To soak you in the beauty of Darjeeling and to enjoy your loving honeymoons couples should visit this beautiful hill station. There are many romantic & honeymoon packages India are available. This ropeway will take about 20 minutes on each side, and for sure you will enjoy every moment of this best 40-minute ride in Darjeeling. This is one of the famous spots in Darjeeling for both newly married couples and families to enjoy.

Nightingale Park

Darjeeling’s nightingale park is a very beautiful public park and is the perfect place to enjoy the relaxing time with your better half. It is the best spot to visit to enjoy lovely honeymoons amid the stunning views of Kanchenjunga along with other snow peaks of eastern Himalayas. This is known as one of the beautiful spots in Darjeeling offering amazing science beauty and should not be missed by any visitor.

Kanchenjunga Mountain

Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain located in India is at the Nepal border and is said to be the most beautiful place for couples to visit. This is recognized as the most romantic place, especially for honeymoon couples. The meaning of Kanchenjunga is ‘The Five Treasures of Snow’ and is an abode to numerous varieties of flora and fauna. To visit and to enjoy the scenic beauty of this amazing mountain peak head towards Darjeeling by seeking out best Romantic & Honeymoon Packages available online.

Darjeeling is said to be the most beautiful place in India and must visit place to enjoy lovely honeymoons. Plan your trip by booking Darjeeling cheap romantic & honeymoon packages available. Best time to visit Darjeeling is in the months of May and June or else September to December. You will enjoy the amazing weather in these months which will make your honeymoon trip more romantic.