Did You Know These Facts About Barcelona City?

Barcelona is one of the popular cities of Spain, due to many good reasons, but how much you know about this city? There are few things that we will tell about Barcelona in this small article, that may surprise you.

  1. Barcelona is not the handiwork of Gaudí only

Most people visit Barcelona to see and understand about Antonio Gaudí’s masterpiece, that he created but few know that the most famous sights of Barcelona were really designed by some other architect. The design partner of Gaudi, called Josep Maria Jujol is rarely mentioned for his contribution in designing the following:

  • Park Güell’s famous mosaic benches
  • Casa Batlló’s crazy ceramic facade
  • Casa Milà’s strange chimney sculptures
  1. It has a treasure galore

A city will consider to be very lucky if they can manage to have single UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site. Hold your breath – Barcelona, has not just one or two but 9 such accolades and all of them are for their inimitable modernist architecture. They are:

  • Casa Batlló
  • Casa Milà
  • Colonia Güell
  • Casa Vicens
  • Hospital de Sant Pau
  • La Sagrada Familia
  • Park Güell
  • Palau-de-la-Música
  • Palau Güell
  1. Most impressive man-made towers

The tradition of human towers can also be traced at the town of Valls, which is about 40km from Barcelona, since the eighteenth century, where the locals used to climb on shoulders of each other to create a tall ‘castell’. This sport has become popular these days in Spain. Therefore, Castellers de Barcelona, was created in 1969 which also has got lots of awards.

  1. Building La Sagarda Familia has taken much longer time than the Egypt’s pyramid

That La Sagrada Familia, which was designed by Gaudí, is slated to be complete by 2026, whose design and construction is continuing since last 200 years. Even longer than Egypt’s Pyramid construction of Giza which took 20 years and India’s Taj Mahal which took 21 years and Notre Dame cathedral of Paris that took 182 years.

  1. Eiffel Tower was supposed to be built here

Gustave Eiffel the French engineer had originally intended to build his famous tower in Barcelona, but this radical design was not sight able for the city and hence he had to build it at Paris. Eiffel Tower was not intended as a permanent fixture for any city wherever it was to be built and was initially marketed for a while as ‘scrap metal’ which was unable to impress any buyer.

  1. Europe’s greenest city

In Barcelona, every resident has roughly got 18.1 square metres space for parkland and hence enough space to have a garden for all residents here which covers more than 10% of the city. In Barcelona, you can find total 68 parks and Montjuic Park is the biggest one in Spain, which measures 203 hectares.

  1. Even cats also have a park

Spain is notoriously famous for their stray cats however in Barcelona cats are welcomed and El-Jardinet-dels-Gats is considered a haven for all rescued cats. This is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to protect and care all abandoned cats. The peaceful garden has cat-friendly playrooms where plenty of cat-friendly volunteers work. They also often host cat events.

  1. All the beaches of Barcelona are new

The city did not have superlative coastline and till 1992 the beaches never existed here. They were built during the Summer Olympics. Earlier there was shipping warehouses and factories but the government did a makeover during the preparation for Olympic games and relocated all the industrial buildings, and from the other coast shipped in sand and started construction of hotels, restaurants and bars that you can see today.

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