Discover Paris with Guided Walking Tours

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Everyone wants to have a piece of Paris. From its unique structures to lovely streets, there is a lot to learn. To discover more and make your Paris visit more successful, you should consider taking guided tours. The guides know a lot about the city and will make your trip more enthralling. Here are some of the places and thrill to anticipate. 

A Journey towards the Sky on the Parisian Wall Street 

There is nothing as impressive as discovering the new Paris view than taking a view on top of the Parisian Wall Street. The journey commences in the impressive glass elevators that offer a panoramic view of the historic city. You will see the historical axis of Paris that will take you through Ardin des Tuileries, the new Paris Arena of La Defense and the Mont Valérien. Grab your camera and capture every moment!

The Guided Tour of the Jewish Marais 

The Marais region of Paris is considered the historic epicenter of the Jewish community in Paris. To be part of this community and learn more about the history of Jews, the Paris guided tours will also take you to the Museum of Jewish Art and History. Do not read about the Holocaust only in documentaries. Experience it first hand by booking a guided tour in this website.  

Experience the Indian Culture in Paris 

The Indian culture in France has thrived for centuries. The guided tours will take you through the rich culture of Asian communities such as India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. This will be a special moment to sample their flavors and impressive spices. And you know what? You might also be able to catch the Ganesh Festival

Explore Gare du Nord railway station and Saint-Vincent de Paul church

Gare du Nord is considered the second most important railway station in the globe because of its traffic. You will love exploring this gothic structure that will rekindle the memories of the evolution era. You will also visit the enthralling Saint-Vincent de Paul church that was designed in 1824 by Jean-Baptiste Lepere. 

If you love exploring and connecting with History of France, the guided Paris walking tours will deliver more than you want.