Essential Things to Carry While Traveling to Dubai

Travelling is like a therapy. It relaxes our mind, soul, body, and enhances our inner peace. It acts like a meditation which helps us to get closer to our own selves. And travelling to Dubai is like a cherry on top! Dubai is not just a destination, but a traveler’s paradise. From checking out the mesmerizing sea to witnessing the tall structures, Dubai is a must visit for every travelers.

But when travelling to a place likes Dubai there are some really important essentials which must be carried along to enjoy the trip peacefully.


  • Passport


It is one of the most important things which one should never forget to carry. Keep your passport inside your handbag so that when asked for you can just take it out and show it without any hustle. Keep the passport inside a separate pouch or even inside the handbag, but whatever it is please don’t forget to carry the passport. Because without this the trip won’t be possible, one cannot enter the airport without showing their passport. 


  • Flight Tickets


You are travelling by air and you forgot the tickets at home, nothing can be worst than this. Keep your passport and your air tickets ready inside your handbag. These two should be the first things to pack without fail and the must to check before stepping out of the house. Just imagine you went to the airport without the flight tickets, how depressing can be the situation. Bags packed, all are excited, and at the end you have to either go back or book another ticket with a heavy amount which is really a burn in the pocket. So if you don’t want to fall in any of the situations like these, set a reminder about keeping your tickets and passport along with you. Always keep a copy of your ticket in your smartphone and also a printed one in your handbag to be on the safer side. 


  • Visa


Just like passport which is certifies our identity during our travels, visa on the other hand allows the travelers to stay on a foreign country for a limited period of time. It is like an official permission given to the travelers which gives them the legal authorization to stay in a foreign country. You can apply for Dubai visa online. So one can clearly understand that passport and visa are the two essential elements one must never forget to carry with them along with the flight tickets.


  • UAE Power Adopter


For the people who are travelling to UAE for the first time it is really important for them to know that places in The United Arab Emirates like Dubai accommodates 220 volts of electricity. So in such cases one may require a transformer or a converter to run their appliances or gadgets unless they are of dual voltage. However with the advancement in technology one can also invest in an international travel charger and adapter to make things more light and comfortable to carry. 


  • Sunscreen


Dubai is known for its beautiful weather and the extreme amount of heat at the same time. Be it during the winter or during the summer, carrying a sunscreen to protect oneself from skin infections due to the heat. Preferably carry sunscreen with high SPF value like 50 and rich in antioxidants which help the skin in many ways. 


  • Sunglasses


Carry it for a style statement, to pep up the boring look, and also to protect oneself from the arid and the sunny climate there. Carrying sun protection elements are a must. Protection and style both at the same time! Similarly carrying some beautiful hats, caps, to enjoy the sun and the vibe should also be there among the essential elements. 


  • Water bottle


Keeping one-self hydrated under the extreme heat and sun is a must without fail. And drinking water from the tap in UAE is not safe. Though the hotels people stay will provide with enough packed waters, but it is highly recommended that one can always boil the water and cool it down before carrying it outdoor.


  • Kindle


Reading while enjoying the beach vibes with some really delicious foods and drinks is like peace to the heart. Instead of carrying books which can make the bag heavy kindle is a quick and easy option. Carry less, be happy, and travel safe. Reading books on flight or while enjoying a moment in the beach will be understood by book lovers only. 


  • Mosquito Repellent


Nobody wants to be disturbed by the mosquitoes or buggers there and fall sick. So putting a mosquito repellent will save you from those bites. Before stepping out or going for a walk along the Dubai Marina, applying some mosquito repellent cream or spraying it will help to deal with those irritating little buggers.


  • Waterproof Case


Clicking pictures while enjoying along the beach is like a mandatory thing. We all love to freeze some moments forever in our heart and in our camera as well. So carry some waterproof cases for smartphone as well as for camera’s to protect it from the water.