Everyone loves a Morocco Camel Ride

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Many people don’t feel like they’ve experienced Moroccan culture to the full until they have ridden a camel. Admiring the sunset on top of a camel can be an incredibly powerful, exciting and romantic experience. Camels are synonymous with Morocco and are also known as ‘ships of the desert’. They have been amongst the country’s most iconic animals for hundreds of years, with most tourists planning a camel ride as part of their itinerary.

The history of Morocco Camel Ride

In the past, camels were frequently used to transport both goods and people across the desert. They have made a vast contribution to the country’s history and helped it cement its status as a trading powerhouse. The milk of camels is incredibly nutritious, and their dung can even be used for fuel. Camels are incredibly versatile, and they even help plough vineyard fields. It’s no wonder camels are held in such high esteem across not only Morocco but the world.

How Morocco Berber Life can help

Talk to Morocco Berber Life today if you wish to experience Morroco’s epic desert scenery on camelback. The team at Morocco Berber Life have been planning, organising and leading hugely informative tours of the country’s most prestigious destinations for many years. Able to tailor your tour towards your tastes, needs and budget, they can customise your routes, accommodation and activities. Guides speak a range of languages including English, Arabic, Berber, French, Spanish and Portuguese, and have a deep, rich knowledge of the country’s culture and history.

Experience Morocco your way

Morocco Berber Life organise a wide range of routes, excursions and circuits around Morocco. They can offer tours and excursions on camel, quads and in 4×4 vehicles. Services are available whether you’re travelling as a family, couple, group or alone, and you will be integrated into the family throughout your stay. To get a better insight into the quality hospitality on offer, why not read the testimonials on the site.

Getting in touch

You can get in touch with Morocco Berber Life today by calling +212 678 511 167 or sending an email to If you’ve ever dreamed of experiencing Morocco on camelback, the team can help you make this a reality.