Experience an Unforgettable Adventure at Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo sits at the middle of a vast Plain called the Sand Sea (Indonesian: LautanPasir), a protected nature reserve since 1919. The normal method to visit Mount Bromo is from the local mountain village of CemoroLawang. From there it’s possible to walk into the volcano in roughly 45 minutes, but it’s also likely to bring an organized jeep tour, including a stop at the viewpoint on Mount Penanjakan (2,770 meters) (Indonesian: GunungPenanjakan). The best views from Mount Bromo to the Sand Sea below, along with the surrounding volcanoes are at sunrise. The view on Mount Penanjakan may also be reached on foot in about two weeks. From inside the caldera, sulfur has been collected by employees.

When timing any activities in the area, keep in mind that sunset is soon after 5 PM and sunrise is correspondingly early at around 5:30 AM. As a consequence, you will often need to get up by 3:30 AM or so for some watchpoint in time for sunrise.

Always bubbling, is the main site here and regrettably, for a few tourists, it’s the only sight. To achieve it on foot, then decide on the left fork in CemoroLawang solitary crossing, then head down the slide to the caldera and then through the caldera into the Hindu temple (Poten) at the foot of the mountain. In the temple that a steep path of 250 concrete measures contributes to the edge of the crater and also a precarious meter-wide ledge from where you can gaze into the steaming crater. Local jeep-hirers will often try to persuade tourists that the journey to the mountain is not within walking distance to hire them jeeps or ponies, but the walk from the tourist center towards the peak of the mountain must take no longer than 90 minutes and is about 3km.

Of the caldera, is a mountaintop perspective accessible by paved road from Tosari and therefore popular with jeeps and even tour bus. The majority of the crowd comes to see the sunrise at 5 AM, and you will likely have the big concrete observation post to yourself if you arrive later in the day. A steady hike from Bromo to Batok and then across the rim to Penanjakan will require about three hours, and the final ascent of approximately 500 meters is very stiff indeed but truly rewarding. Ancient Javanese literary texts inform of how Bromo-Penanjakan-Semeru (or Mahameru because it was then) was the religious axis of the world and the point of all creation. The opinion from Penanjakan will clarify why — it is truly breathtaking. This is really where most of the iconic image postcard views are accepted from. When you’ve had your fill of the viewpoints, a hike back through the sea of sand to CemoroLawang will take roughly two hours.

Mount Semeru could be climbed over two or three days, but it is a venture for serious trekkers only and requires a high level of physical fitness. A permit must be obtained Beforehand and could be climbers ought to be quite conscious that the mountain will soon be off-limits during periods of eruptive activity. This is a very active volcano. If you do decide you are up with this, you should be able to find a manual to go at least aspect of the way beside you at the Park Office in Ranupani. That office is also the best source of information for an Evaluation of the current state of the mountain and also for hooking up with serious Climbers from all over the world.