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Explore Some of The Finest Luxury Hotels Near Amritsar

Amritsar has an immense historical and spiritual significance in India. A Mecca for the Sikh community, the Golden Temple is a major crowd puller of tourists from all over the world. Being one of the major tourist spots in all of Punjab, Amritsar is also proximate to the other tourist destinations all across Punjab. Punjab is fast emerging as one of the most sought after tourist destinations with myriads of luring deals and packages that include farm stays, spiritual tours, historical tours and many more. And given the larger-than-life lifestyle of the people in Punjab, the concept of luxury is also over the board. Living in a luxury hotel near Amritsar is like a dream come true for every traveler.

Amritsar is a small town with some of the notable luxury accommodation in and around the city. These hotels define luxury and pampering at the best of everything you can think of. Let’s take a look at some of the best options for luxury hotels in and around Amritsar.

 Hotel Ramada, Amritsar

Hotel Ramada in Amritsar is a summation of everything you can think of in a luxury hotel. The hotel boasts of excellent infrastructure and amenities that make the guests feel like God. Add to this the impeccable service of then hotel staff that makes you feel like the most pampered family member.

The restaurant La Fresco and Kaffee Avanti has a delectable offering for your senses – something that will linger in your tongue long after you have left. An exhaustive banquette hall, conference halls makes it ideal for leisure as well as business travelers alike.

Anand @ The Satluj, Sri Anandpur Sahib

Just like Amritsar, Sri Anandpur Sahib is another important shrine for the Sikhs. If you really want to explore luxury with a rustic feel, you should head towards Anand @ The Satluj. It is a place where the richness of organic life culminates with spirituality and opulence of nature. Anand @ The Satluj is marked with two premium cottages with a bet of pebbles leading to the banks of the River Satluj. The look, feel, sound and smell of this place give you the freshness of the pristine unspoilt nature that surrounds the farm resort.

The cottages are made out of eco-friendly ingredients that are sourced locally. The guests are served with food prepared from the fresh farm produces that is a part of the resort. Add to this the blissful vibes of the Gurdwara that swarms the air with untold positivity and blessings that touches every soul in its vicinity. It takes more than money to be able to experience the kind of luxury that this resort has to offer. The very soil of Sri Anandpur Sahib is sacred to the people who knows about the gallantry past of this city. And every traveler must and should have this resort in their bucket list, no matter what.

Aura Vaseela, Mohali

Beautiful mud huts, a sprawling well manicured garden welcomes you to the luxury farm-stay in the Aura Vaseela. The rustic themed luxury resort is complete with all the modern amenities and infrastructure that make up for a complete hotel package. The rooms are segregated into Delux, Super Deluxe and Cottage Rooms that are designed, furnished and upholstered as per the village theme. The resort if complete with a restaurant, gym, swimming pool, sauna and conference room to suit the purpose of a leisure as well as business traveler.

The rural heritage resort of Aura Vaseela is one of the most favored resorts for a one day trip or a week end trip for families as well as corporate.