Fine Choices in the Odessa Travel Now

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We have collected everything you need to see, try, do and learn in Odessa. Beaches, parks, entertainment, posters, delicious food, here you will find links to all materials on the topic “Tourism in Odessa”. Add to favorites and see, the directory is constantly updated. As you travel Odessa you can have all the surprises ready for you.

About how to behave in Odessa so that you don’t be thrown with slippers

If the Odessa Sea is not enough for you and you want luxury, then the best options are: There will be something to brag about: TOP-10 of the most expensive hotels in Odessa with a pool.

  • And where to have an exquisite dinner and appreciate luxury establishments, see here: Expensively rich: 10 of the most expensive restaurants in Odessa, where you can “boo”.
  • Keep a general note about luxury holidays in Odessa. Where to live, where to go, where to eat and what to try: Weekend by the sea: where and how to relax in Odessa at the VIP level.

If the sea is tired and you want photos like the rich people, go to beach complexes with a pool, there are a lot of them in our city: When you want to giggle: 10 beach complexes with a pool in Odessa.

Options for presidents, oligarchs and those who like to make money: Thank you, I’m better in Egypt: the most expensive hotel rooms in Odessa.

Budget vacation

How to go to free film screenings, to the theater and even get a trestle bed, see here: How to relax and have fun in Odessa for free: TOP-8 life hacks for tourists and citizens.

Where can I rent cheap housing in Odessa, read here. And yes, hostels live not only in shared rooms. So do not worry, there are options for introverts: 

Budget holidays in Odessa

General travel tips for anywhere. About planning, tickets, money and much more: Top 10 tips and life hacks on how to travel cheap, interesting and safe. To eat tasty and sparingly, you just need to know the time and place. 

Few people call oysters a budget dish. But everything is possible in Odessa, Everything is 29 dollars: a review of the new institution “White filling” in Odessa.

Many complain that it’s cheaper to go to Bulgaria or Turkey today than to relax in Odessa, but we don’t agree with this: Travel cheaply: to Odessa for a weekend with 2000 dollars in your pocket. and to Odessa for a week: how to see the maximum, and spend a minimum.


If you want to find cheaper options, then we have found them for you. Here are the cheapest hotels in the city for which it’s not a shame: Budget hotels in Odessa: what to expect for your money.