Five Special Homemade Meals for Easy Digestion during International Flights

Air travel is one of the most comfortable and quickest ways to cover long distances. Nowadays, airlines offer most comfortable travel facilities on board to passengers. These services and facilities vary from airline to airline. For example, Etihad airways offer the best combination of on board services such as cabin crew, meals, drinks and even entertainment. helps passengers getting all these splendid services at affordable prices. Apply Etihad Airways Coupon Code while booking tickets and choose the amazing benefits without adding additional costs.

People who still want to take homemade meals due to any reason have choices. Airlines do offer special meals (if ordered before taking the flight). However, people who have serious health conditions can keep the homemade foods (precautionary or prescribed foods) without any limitation. What about the healthy people? Some families have a specific diet routine. For example, some families don’t like heavy spices, red meat or similar meals. We have some attractive meal option for them.

Chana Masala:

This is a favorite dish in Asia and Middle East. Chana Masala is a delicious and nutritious diet for a daily routine. On the other hand, it has excellent tendency to stay fresh even out of refrigerator for several hours. Those who want little spices on flight should prepare this dish at home and pack it. It will stay fine at room temperature for an entire day.

Lime Beans: 

Consuming the lima beans alone is not easy. However, you can think about dressing. What about cumin and min dressing? This will add a fantastic taste to your dish. How to make it mouthwatering? Well, if you want to enjoy a mouthwatering lima bean dish during flight then you should add some sauces such as chili sauce. Book your flight seat with Etihad Coupon Code and pack the tasty lima beans for a comfortable journey.

Potatoes, Corn and Green Beans:

This is a favorite dish of most European people. As a matter of fact, both corn and potato are among the staple foods worldwide. This is a simple dish favorable for every age group. Add some salt in boiled and sliced potatoes, corn and green beans. Adults can add the lemon brown butter sauce for a delicious flavor. This will surely make your journey light and digestion friendly.

Caprese Sticks:

 Do you like salad? What about putting it on the sticks? This will become a B.B.Q style meal for the long journey. Remember, this is best even without adding mayonnaise. All you have to do is prepare the salad of your favorite vegetables and pack with little spices.

Veggies Stored-In-Dip:

Take the real pleasure of adding smears of dip in your sandwich bag. Women preparing this dish should cut the boiled or even fresh vegetables in small pieces. Take a TSA approved bag (Quart one) and munch away.

These five special meals are good for long haul journeys. Prefer comfortable air travel services within your budgets. Ask team for immediate support. They will surely talk about Etihad Coupon Code for this job.