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It is but the accumulation of several accessories that makes every car what it is. The Porsche is no different. It is ultimately the result of the configuration of thoroughly researched automobile Porsche parts that gives its unique class and lives up to the expectations of its admirers. The car is only developed after a lot of detailing in all aspects of its engine, suspension, body, intake, exhaust or other parts. Each of these parts are tested and regulated for best performance and capacity. These Porsche parts too have their sub accessories which play a key role in the reliability of the car and demands finally resulting in better performance. Hence, they too are handled with extreme detailing and care.

Every part of the Porsche is developed to suit a requirement. For example, the wheels of a Porsche can be of several styles namely Mulsanne, zehn, florio, lemans or tourismo depending upon the user requirement. Moreover, these wheel specifications may even change as per the required car type or model. These can be classified into the 911, Boxster, Panamera, Cayman, and Cayenne. For further details click on waterproof outdoor cover for cars.

Similarly, the exhaust tube used in Porsche is of several capacities and styles depending on the model requirement. These include the Borla exhaust, the Gibson exhaust, or the turbo exhaust. The tail lights used in Porsche are high capacity LED beam taillights having colors like the light or dark smoke, tinted or clear tails attached on model owing to their styling.

In order to take the adaptability and comfort of the car to the next level, the Porsche cars implement detailed air filters, fuel injectors, and spacers. The most commonly used intake filters are the V6 ones. Two of the most important requirement of a car is balance and acceleration, both of which are highly dependent on the brakes. Hence, the builders of Porsche keep a special tab on them. The different brakes these models combinedly use consists of OE ceramic rear brakes, disc brakes with rear and front touch sensors. Hawk HPS, and the Panamera brakes.

Though it is impossible to cover all the information regarding Porsche Parts in such limited detail, an idea of the same can be attained from the above.

Exotic Cars Appealing to New Fans

The 2004 Koenigsegg CCR is the world’s fastest production car. This supercharged V8 engine is a four-valve cylinder with 7600 RPM and six-speed manual transmission. The steering components are rack and pinion with power assist and the brakes consist of vented discs. The body is comprised of carbon fibre with a Kevlar Steel frame.

But, didn’t it say that this is the world’s fastest production car? This awesome power machine has a top speed of 388 kph or 241.1 mph. The wheelbase dimensions are 104.7 inches. The length of the vehicle is 165 inches, the height is 42.1 inches, and the width is 78.3 inches. The whole vehicle weighs 2712 pounds.

The next awesome power machine that cannot be overlooked is the 2005 Chevrolet Corvette C6. This is another V8 engine with a two-valve cylinder. The RPM is 7000 and it too has a six-speed manual transmission. These steering components are rack and pinion with speed sensitive power assist.

The frame is comprised of composite panels with a steel frame. The type speed with this vehicle is 200 mph and it can go from 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds. The wheel base dimensions are 105.7 inches. The length of the vehicle is 174.6 inches, the height is 49.1 inches, and the width is 76 inches. The total weight of this car? An awesome 3130 pounds.

Who doesn’t know about the 2005 Porsche Boxster? And who doesn’t love it? It’s hard not to with this aluminium opposed-6 engine with the four-valve cylinder. With 6400 rpm, this vehicle has a choice of a five or a six-speed manual transmission. The types of brakes used are internally vented and cross-drilled discs.

The frame consists of steel monocoque and the top speed for this beauty is 159 mph. This tiny little thing is 170.4 inches in length, 51 inches in height, 70.9 inches in width, and weighs 2855 pounds. Who wouldn’t love this sporty little thing?

And, one can’t talk about super-powerful, exotic cars without mentioning the 2005 BMW Hartge 645ci 5.1. This supercharged V8 engine with four-valve cylinders carries a torque of 383.5 feet at 3600 rpm. The vehicle comes with a six-speed manual transmission and the vehicle tops out at 290 kph with the vehicle being able to go from 0-60 mph in 4.9 seconds. The body material consists of steel and aluminium. The wheelbase is 109 inches, the length is 189.8 inches, the width is 73 inches. The steering consists of rack and pinion with speed sensitive power assist.

These are just a few of the cool cars that are out on the market today but they are among the hottest and the best selling. And, if the wallet doesn’t allow for such a purchase, they are just always nice to look at anyway.

Ford Reach Record Highs!

In September Ford recorded the highest number of new car leads out of all the leading manufacturers with 56,361 new Ford cars registered in September and 277,410 registrations for the year to date.

The American corporation leads the way in the number of new fords sold this year and their share of car sales for the month was 13.8 per cent and for the year to date 14.1 per cent.

They are also doing well in the used car market too, online magazine What Car? has voted the Ford Mondeo as its used car of the year 2010 and the car buyers’ guide declared the Ford Mondeo as the best used ford over rivals such as the Mercedes S class and Lexus IS.

The What Car? used car awards are judged by a variety of motor industry experts, including British Car Auctions and Warranty Direct, as well as What Car? road testers. In making the decision to crown the Mondo used car of the year many factors were taken into consideration, one of them being value for money.

What Car? Editor Steve Fowler said: “it’s hard to find fault with the Ford Mondeo, especially at the price. It’s a comfortable cruiser for covering motorway miles, yet it’s still great fun to drive and makes an extremely capable family vehicle.”