Geocaching in Snowdonia – Everything You Need to Know

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If there is one outdoor sport that is a craze in the UK at the moment, it is geocaching. The craze is such that it has become an integral part of most walking festivals held in the country and especially in New Wales.

What is geocaching?

Geocaching was once made fun of and considered only for nerds, but the sentiment has changed drastically today. It is looked upon as a good walk spoilt by some and a new version of modern-day treasure hunt by others.

The game is played by forming an online community of treasure hunters called geocachers. They first choose a cache or treasure and find their way to it, discover it, and then share details of their treasure on numerous websites across the world. As evident; you need a GPS to participate in the game. The GPS need not be sophisticated. The application found in most modern smartphones is adequate to make anyone a winner in the game.

To participate, you need to choose a cache or a treasure-box. You would have its co-ordinates given to you. It generally covers a small area. Beginners have caches that are relatively easier to find and locate, but at the advanced level, they are quite tough and often have a cryptic clue to their location. You gradually start understanding its special language and then enjoy the thrill of decoding it and landing upon the cache. You remain trackable as you need to log your moves and all other people can easily locate you online.

Snowdonia in North Wales is an ideal place for geocachers. It provides ideal trails for the adventure-hungry geocachers to experience a thrilling treasure hunt. During a walking festival, most of the Snowdonia hotels get well-booked in advance. Thus, one needs to always prepare in advance and then go there and enjoy the full length and breadth of the game.