Great Options for the European Travels

The plane is certainly the fastest means of transport to travel long distances, but it cannot be said that it is as fascinating as a train journey can be.

The peace of mind of not having to worry about anything, the possibility of arriving at the station a few moments before the train departs and not two or three hours before check-in, the quiet of a journey where you can look at the landscape that, every kilometer, it changes under our eyes. The train is a romantic means of transport. It has always been and, lately, thanks to some low cost offers, you can even travel for many kilometers across Europe without spending too much. If you are a lover of this means of transport then here are 6 tips to travel the best by train. More you will find now in regarding the visa in these countries.

Traveling in a comfortable and low-cost way by train: the advice

Travel at night: the idea of ​​taking a train at night can be a little scary, but now with modern bunks and classy cabins, it’s a safe way to get around. Why do we suggest you leave at sunset? Simple, the night-time trains are usually less frequented and therefore the possibility of finding low-cost offers to save and reach your destination without spending too much, practically doubles.

Bring good books and good music

The best travel companion for a long journey is a book. The stories and the protagonists of your novel will accompany you and you will feel like living the adventures with them. Same thing for music. A good soundtrack will transform your train journey into a sort of on-the-road movie. Ready to live it on your skin?

Talk to your traveling companions

It doesn’t matter if you’re shy. By train you can have very nice meetings. The people who share the wagon with you are traveling and the reason why they are there, at that moment, can be very fascinating and lead you to discover maybe a slice of life that you didn’t imagine. Enter a conversation, ask a question, and try to have a chat with your fellow travelers. Human contact on the train is simple and does not require too much effort, but it will repay you with great emotions.

Be careful in the stations: the journey by train is certainly beautiful and fascinating, but unfortunately there is everywhere. Especially in the late hours, in some small or even suburban stations you could meet badly. So try to carry the bag or backpack in front of you, if you have a few hours to wait for a change, spend it in the bar of the station or in medium crowded areas. Small attentions like this are enough to not run into any bad inconvenience.

Book early: if you really want to save on your train ticket, you just have to be careful about when you buy. Just book your trip a couple of weeks before departure to find economy or smart offers and maybe even travel in first class for less than half.