Greater Value for the Works with the Best of Social Media

The social media and online communication are an integral part of the tourism sector today. The tremendous advances in technology pave the way for ever new communicative possibilities. It has long ceased to be just young internet-savvy people who share their travel experiences in detail via social networks with their friends.

Even the league of so-called “digital immigrants”, that is, the older users, are now in the world of blogs and on photo and video platforms to learn about travel destinations or to share experiences. So it is hardly surprising that the tourism industry is more and more relying on social media marketing. But not only in terms of travel advertising, the social media have gained in importance, even the travel itself is more and more determined by social networks, apps and the World Wide Web. Now has come up with the finest deals for the same.

The digital tourist – Are you still traveling or are you already sharing?

People’s continued enthusiasm for their own social media accounts has also left their mark on travel. The advice in terms of vacation planning is thus no longer by local travel agents, but quite obviously by looking into the social networks. But that’s not all: Even on-site, during sightseeing, the smartphone and the associated online platforms are always part of the action.

Depending on the setting, the vacationer shares his most beautiful snapshots while traveling on Facebook or Instagram, complains to Twitter about bad food or returns to YouTube in a short follow-around the impressions of the holiday destination again. The social media is for the modern tourist, what used to be a slideshow or a photo album, only closer, more versatile and better. In addition, the apps on their own smartphone can save the traveler both the hauling of travel guides and maps as well as the dependence on an interpreter or tour guide. In short, if the social media user is vacationing, his friends are always with him and his cell phone becomes an all-purpose weapon.

Digital tourists send guaranteed – why even their criticism is beneficial

If vacation photos are shared on Instagram, carriers are rated via Facebook or you can quickly retweet the annoyed comment on the long wait in the Aquapark, this shows that the timeline of a social media channel can give a consumer far more influence and decision-making power than the best Tourism expert can acquire over many years. However, this circumstance is by no means threatening, because within the industry one has long since come to terms with this development and even benefits from the laypersons who need to be informed at the keys.

Social Media and Tourism – A Liaison with a Future

One of the reasons why social networks are so popular among tourism professionals is their focus on the visual. Holiday-related news feeds from Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, with their short texts and large images, seem like a colorful ramble through flourishing landscapes, vibrant cities or fascinating cultures. Provided with the right hashtags, a single post with the required amount of likes makes for a more lucrative advertising option than any TV commercial.