How do you become an airline pilot?

How to be an airline pilot? If you have ever asked yourself this question, or after the sad events derived from the recent air catastrophe you have doubts, read this post. In it we explain what are the steps and tests necessary to become an airline pilot. We follow the United States model extended to many other countries.

1. University studies

Although in the regional airlines of the United States to be a pilot it is not necessary to have a university degree, the big airlines do require their pilots to have a four-year degree. Although this does not have to be related to aviation, it is recommended to study a science degree that specializes in this field. Having a university degree will show the airline that you are capable of carrying out your educational program.

2. Private pilot license

You should look for an aviation training (better if it is regulated by the FAA, Federal Aviation Administration) and a good instructor to get the private pilot license. The minimum number of flight hours required by the Federal Aviation Administration is 40 hours, although the average is 60.

3.Class 1 medical certificate issued by an FAA examining physicianBefore you invest more time and money in this profession, make sure you meet the necessary requirements to obtain the medical certificate of class I. After these three requirements, we advance to the advanced requirements.

4.Instrumental flight rating

After obtaining a private pilot license, you must obtain the instrument flight rating and the commercial pilot license. In order to obtain the instrumental flight rating, it is necessary to have 50 flight hours as pilot-in-command on cruise flights and 40 hours of current or simulated instrument flight. For the commercial pilot license it is necessary to have 250 hours of flight, 100 hours as a pilot in command, 50 hours in cross-country flights and 10 hours of double command in a complex ship.