How Manali is reopening for tourists after lockdown

Bored of working from your room?

Here’s an alternative to make things a little better during the pandemic! Tell your boss you are leaving for a “workation”. You heard me right! With so much going around you, it is impossible to keep your sanity in check. With all work and no play, we are all dull Jacks now.

Work From Home (WFH) is in fact the new normal of 2020 and most of us millennials are not very fond of it, or at least, not anymore. The lines between our workplace and home have blurred completely and our beautiful bedrooms now look similar to our messed-up office desk, kitchen more like our office pantry full cups of coffee/tea and our home as our new workplace where we are chasing deadlines every day instead of taking some time to unwind after a long day! Cooped up in rooms for months on end, days now start and end with work. The only break you manage to score is the lunch break and lets not even get into how absurd the sleep cycles have become.

Unfortunately, the list does not end here. One of the real problems that is driving everyone nuts is our canceled vacations and getaways this year. Cooped up in our rooms for months has made even our dear bones ache for some time off. However, what if you could get away for weeks and still be able to attend your Zoom meetings? How about unwinding in the lap of nature and drinking the picturesque views while working on your laptops?

Too good to be true? Many resorts in Manali are now welcoming tourists to take their usual work from home a notch above. Most of these resorts are offering clean, sanitized rooms, lodges, cottages, and homestays to make sure you have a safe stay during the pandemic. In fact, there will be a caretaker who will take care of all your needs. The properties are well-furnished and well-equipped with all the essentials that you may need during your ‘workation’ and most of them even allow access to kitchens so you can cook what you like! All you have to do is rent a car from Delhi to Manali with an experienced driver and head to the mountains because they are definitely calling.

Wake up to the gorgeous sunrise, start your work amidst the magnificent mountains or listen to the sounds of birds chirping by booking a room at one of the resorts in Manali. You can also indulge in rejuvenating activities offered by the resort to relax after a long day of back to back meetings. Some of the resorts in Manali are quite renowned for offering cooking classes, baking classes, cocktail making classes or you could even indulge in power yoga while enjoying the stunning views of the mountains.

You can book a room for even a month! Head over to the beautiful mountains and let nature heal your tired weary soul. If you are worried about a safe commute, be rest assured that the safe and sanitized taxis in Manali will take care of it all!