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How to Avoid Encounter with the Yellowstone Bear

You would look forward to escaping the big city life and make the most of the wilderness getaway. It would be a fabulous and stress-free backpacking trip through the Yellowstone. You would relish the mental noise slipping away and replaced by the sound of birds chirping, the footsteps rustling the leaves below, and the serene scenic view.

With all the beauty around you, it would feel like heaven. However, just on the turn, you come across a bear, real and live. The bear would turn to look towards you in slow motion and your instant reaction would be freeze.

What would you do when you come across a bear?

Instead of what you should intend to do, your best interest would be to ponder upon what could have been done earlier. It may sound confusing, but you should consider the scenario when preparing for your trip to Yellowstone. You should find out whether you would be headed into a bear nation while you were actually checking out the routes to plan your itinerary. It would be recommended that the visitors should find out the local practices along with the regulations for the region, as those would succeed regardless of what you have learned anywhere.

When you actually arrive at the park, you would be required to find out about the recent bear activity at a backcountry office or visitor center. It would be in your best interest not to hike alone at dawn, night, or dusk when the bears would be highly active.

What should you carry to Yellowstone?

The yellowstone bears such as grizzlies have been deemed an endangered species. Therefore, the local practices would differ from the ones practiced in other parts of the world. You may wonder on what to carry to Yellowstone, as you would be entering the bear habitat.

  • Would you carry a bear canister for storing food?
  • Would you need a rope and tackle for hanging food?
  • Do you need bear-boxes, cables, or poles?

Several campsites in and across the bear country would offer you such storage to protect your food items. A good option would be to carry bear pepper spray. However, it would be pertinent that you learn to operate it properly before using it first. It would be in your best interest to practice spraying the one prior to you actually taking the trip.

It would be in your best interest to avoid bears by taking adequate safety precautions when in the Yellowstone area.