How to Rent a Car from Alamo in Denver

Personal Contract Hire from Alamo at the Denver airport has never been easier. You can use the Alamo rent a car service which is very simple and convenient to use. Although Denver can be one of the nation’s busiest airports, moving around to get to your destination can actually be very easy. Just follow the tips laid out in this article and you would be renting your Alamo car in no time.

How to Make Reservation online for car rental

The first tip is you don’t have to get to the Denver airport to begin your process of renting a car, just simply head to the website online, check-in to register your information on a simple form that only requests your birthday and your driver’s license-information.

And if you’ve got some specific tastes, well no need to worry, because you can set your preferences to suit what you need, for items such as car-seats and GPS tracking you can be sure that all the equipment and merchandise you need is all available for you. And if you are feeling a bit adventurous you can go for the ski rack and winter-tires.

Getting your Alamo Car Rental

Immediately you’ve gotten your baggage, head straight to the car rental area at the Denver Airport. There you would see Alamo Rent-A-Car actually situated inside the Denver Airport Complex, no need to go to the main-terminals.

The facility and structure can be easily accessed by using any of the shuttle buses. These shuttle buses will take you straight down to the Denver International Airport Rental Alamo Office. These shuttle buses are always operating, so no need to worry about standing for too long.

How to avoid lines and pick up your car quickly

There are a few options for you to avoid any lines:

  • Self-service desk: You can make use of the self-service desk to print out your rental agreement and get explicit directions to your car in the parking lot. When you exit the lot, make sure you are with your driver’s license as you will need to show it along with your rental agreement at the booth.
  • Skip the Counter: Check-in online and use the service, make sure to select the skip the counter option. Once you select this you will avoid all the lines. Just go straight to your car. This service is free for Alamo customers. You would need to use a valid credit card but no worries because your money will not be deducted until the vehicle is returned.

Returning the Car Rental Vehicle Back to the Denver Airport

Give some adequate room for traffic when making your way back to the Denver Airport. Highways E-470 and 70 can be a little hectic, make sure you plan in some additional time to your travel. Getting your rental car back to the Denver Airport is straightforward and has no hassle involved.

If you are lost on the way, you can always contact the customer service number on the Alamo website to get directions. Always make sure you have enough time and communicate your airline information to the shuttle bus driver so you arrive at the right terminal.

Next time you’re at the Denver Airport and you need to rent a car, book Alamo car rental deal in advance and be sure of a wonderful experience in Denver.