How to Travel Cheaply Around the World

Finding Cheap Destinations, Cheap Flights and Free Accommodation

Travel tips for finding cheap airfares, how to find cheap or free places to stay worldwide, and how to make money last longer when traveling around the world.
How do some people manage to travel for months or years? They’re not necessarily rich, they just know how to make their travel money last longer. Here are some tips for cheap travel around the world.

Choosing a Cheap Holiday Destination
Most parts of Asia, some parts of Africa and parts of South America are much cheaper for a traveler than North America, Europe or Australia. A travel budget that lasts a week in Europe can last a month in India, Nepal or many countries in South-East Asia.

Pre-trip research about accommodation, food and transport costs in the destination helps to budget for the trip, but it is also important to keep some extra money aside for unexpected costs and emergencies.

Tips for Finding Cheap Airfares Around the World
The biggest cost for most long-term travelers is the initial airfare. Being flexible with travel dates and times and traveling outside peak holiday seasons can help when looking for cheap airfares. Half of the world wants to fly in December for Christmas holidays, and in Europe one of the most expensive times to fly is in July and August during the European summer holidays.

Flying in the middle of the week instead of around the weekend, or flying at unpopular times such as very early in the morning, can reduce airfares. The cheapest fares can often be found online by booking with budget airlines well in advance. Round-the-world flight deals can also be very affordable.

After arrival in the destination local transport, such as trains and buses, can be very cheap. Overnight trains and buses can sometimes be cheaper than a night’s accommodation.

Finding Cheap or Free Accommodation Around the World
Youth hostels can be an affordable option in many parts of the world, especially in places that lack a backpacker scene and don’t have cheap traveller guesthouses. It is better to plan your trip in advance and look for the accommodation on Airbnb a few weeks before the intended date of travel. This way you can see if any owners are offering special prices (especially during low season) and if not, you can always ask hosts for a discount (this might work better for longer stays). As a bonus, I want to give you an Airbnb coupon code for $40-50 off that you can use towards your first booking. Find a perfect place for your next trip and have a great adventure!.

Couchsurfing is a network by people who are happy to offer a free place to stay for fellow travellers. It is also a good way to meet people around the world. Since it essentially means inviting total strangers to one’s home or staying with a person one has never met before, it is best to exercise some caution.

How to Reduce Travel and Accommodation Costs
Doing some work in exchange for accommodation and food can reduce travel costs. WWOOF offers volunteer opportunities on organic farms around the world. Volunteers help on organic farms in return for food and accommodation, and can learn about organic lifestyles.

Getting a live-in job in a hostel or a hotel is another option. The pay may not be much but accommodation (and sometimes food) is included, which helps in places where accommodation is expensive.

Staying in one place longer makes traveling relatively cheaper than moving to a new destination every few days. Substantial discounts can often be negotiated in many guesthouses and hotels for longer stays.

Cheap travel is possible: choosing affordable destinations, being flexible with travel dates, finding out about seasonal or live-in job opportunities and researching free accommodation networks are all ways to reduce travel costs and to make the travel budget last longer.