How To Travel Smarter On Planes (3 Ideas)

Everyone loves to travel, myself included. The thought of a holiday to a distant land is something I dream about every few days. But when it comes time to travel, the thought of a 10-hour flight is something I’d rather not think about too much.

Flying in business class is great, economy not so much. But with a family of four, flying in business is simply not an option so we must make do with coach.

Over the years I’ve read into many different options when it comes to traveling smarter on airplanes to avoid jet lag and feel more comfortable. After many years of successful ideas and down and out failures, I’ve decided to share three of the best ways to travel smarter on planes.

1: Fly During Day Time

One of the biggest issues when flying long distance when taking an overnight flight is that you’re already super tired from your day exploring, or at your house before leaving.

Given 50% of people struggle to get any shut eye on airplanes, it makes sense to book a morning or day time flight if you can. You’ll also arrive at your destination in the evening too, allowing you to go straight to bed, avoiding any chance of jet lag kicking in.

By flying overnight you’re effectively staying awake all night and arriving at your destination in the morning means you must stay awake for a whole day too. This is not good for your body or your jet lag either.

2: Get A Travel Pillow

Airplane seats are fast becoming much more comfortable, but they ultimately fail at one thing that impacts on your comfort and wellbeing. There is poor neck support when trying to sleep.

Now before you rush out and buy one of those cheap and nasty factory pillows from the airport terminal for $25, you should come prepared. Over on Amazon you can buy a high-quality travel pillow for under $40. Not only will this last a long time, it’s filled with beads making it comfortable. They usually come in a range of colors too such as Blue or Pink.

Yes, traveling with a pillow you can’t deflate probably doesn’t do much for your image walking to and from the airport, but it will make your flight much more enjoyable.

3: Take Eye Mask & Ear Plugs

It always amazes me why airlines give people the ability to use the light above their seat during periods of sleep on planes. I recently got back from a trip overseas and the man beside me had his light on for the entire 16-hour flight. Luckily, I had my own eye mask and ear plugs.

When you’re flying in coach class you can’t be sure you’re getting to get an amenity kit, especially if you’re flying on a budget carrier. Even some 3- and 4-star airlines stop giving these out to save money.

Before your next flight be sure to buy a black high quality, eye mask and take some industrial in ear plugs. I usually go to the local hardware store to buy mine, a few dollars get’s you a few.

There you have three of my top recommendations for traveling smart on airplanes. All these options are up to you but will make your flying experience much more enjoyable.