How Will ETIAS Authorization Assist You?

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Many countries, not all, who are not part of European Union, will be able to travel Schengen zone in Europe visa-free! ETIAS system will help the citizens of many countries to travel this zone without taking a hassle of visa application through embassy. ETIAS authorization is introduced by the President of European Commission, Jean Claude for security reasons. 

Assistance of ETIAS Authorization

Besides the security factor, ETIAS visa Authorization will help in assisting the EU countries as well as the travelers in the following manner:

  • Improving the visa application and procedure time and effort
  • Improving the EU country border management 
  • Assisting in analyzing ad dropping the terrorist or criminal activity
  • Inhibiting the irregular migration process
  • Reinforcing the liberalization policy of EU Visa

ETIAS system, in a nut shell, will make the traveling for citizens from other countries to travel the zone hassle-free and safely. 

This system will come in effect by 1st January 2021, and is expected to be a popular choice for travelers around the world. 

How much will ETIAS cost?

ETIAS is issues in order to cut short the expenses of the travelers and hassle of visa application through embassy. ETIAS cost is planned at 7 Euros per application for adults over 18 years of age. Under 18, the applicant will not be charged a single penny. The payment will be accepted by debit or credit card and the application will process in minutes after the successful payment completion. 

Till now, 62 countries have been added in the ETIAS authorization. However, they might add some new countries before the official launch of ETIAS system, but nothing confirmed yet! 

Many of the travelers are excited already to apply for ETIAS system. And why not! This will be a great opportunity for travelers to explore the beauty and scenic view of Schengen one of Europe.