How Wine Yard Touring Makes Any Travel Itinerary Interesting


 The tour of a wine yard can add true colours to any travel itinerary. Especially, if the traveller is a wine aficionado and would love to taste fresh wine or port wine, right from the brewery. Now there are many wine yards that offer tours of their wineries. It is becoming massively popular among travellers who drink as well as among those who don’t. In the last decade, a traveller’s inclination to tour the wine yard has increased manifold. Also, the cost of a wine yard tour has decreased and the inclusions in the package have increased. It made a lot people choose to tour the wine yard exclusively or include it in their travel itinerary.

In fact, most of the travels and tours operators now offer it to their clients, who come with different tour ideas. There are primarily two kinds of wine tours that are arranged by the travel agents in collaboration with the wineries and breweries.

  1. Grape – Yard tours: This is where the wine comes from, the grape orchid. There are a variety of grapes, which are used to make wine. Sowing and cultivating grapes is a tedious thing to do that requires sensitive care of them. The orchid keeper would take the visitors along with a qualified guide on a detailed tour of the plantation. Here the visitors get to know how the grape plants are being grown to bloom and fruit. Then the ways by which grapes are collected. The visitors also get to taste the ripe grapes right from the orchid, if there are enough for everyone.
  2. Winery tours: The winery or brewery tours are interesting and alluring to many, especially the ones who love tasting the alcohol. Here, the processing of grapes to wine is displayed in a detailed manner. But the best part among all of them is to have a wine connoisseur helping the visitors taste the wine. There is a different kind of wine available in the brewery that the visitors get to taste as well as know the history behind them.

Not to forget that most of the wine taste better with specific kind of food. Hence, almost all the wine tours end up in a bistro atmosphere where people can drink a glass of wine with delicious food. Most of the wine tours comprise of both the above, but some customize them as per the desire of the client.