Iceland travel tips to know before you go

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The island’s mercurial weather means you will have to get ready for fast changes ahead of time. Along with the dramatic landscape may bring its challenges also. As they say, it is fantastic to be aware of prior to going, so keep reading for our best Iceland traveling hints.

Get your programs locked in ancient

Tourism has surged during the past couple of years with tourist numbers lately topping up of 2 million annually. Many elect to base themselves at Reykjavik and research from there. This means there is often a great deal of competition for lodging. And if you intend on remaining in one of Iceland’s smaller cities, you might wind up needing to base your travel plans across the scant access to small guesthouses. The same is true with actions — the Golden Circle Tour and the Blue Mountains now regularly book a day ahead of time.

To be certain that you don’t need to compromise in your own plans, our travel Iceland suggestion is to book beforehand.

Package for all seasons

Having a title such as Iceland, it is not surprising that winter around the island is pretty darn chilly. Temperatures often fall to -5°C in town, which means you will want to ensure your jacket and winter woollies are up to scratch. When it’s summer or winter, sleet and a bad end can hit at any moment. Really, the natives commonly state that the island frequently experiences all four seasons in 1 day. But if it’s icy out, Icelandic insides are beautifully cosy. Stay comfy and be sure that you are able to strip down to some lighter coating when you go indoors or when the sun decides to emerge.

Here is one of our finest Iceland travel hints: until you zip up your luggage, throw in a raincoat and a set of flip flops.

Be prepared to invest

Based on Statistics Iceland, costs now are 66 percent above the European average. The great news is that if you are spending big on crafts or food, Icelanders enjoy their own produce. Overall, you are very likely to walk off with something of fantastic quality.

In regards to purchasing, our Iceland travel suggestion is to dab on a’lopapeysa’ jumper.

Save your cash where you can

The very first of our financial Iceland travel suggestions is to use a prepaid travel card instead of exchanging your money for newspaper Icelandic króna. Chip and pin cards are accepted pretty much anywhere on the island so that you don’t need to worry about carrying money (and spending anything is on your pocket ). Tipping at restaurants and pubs is not required . Service fees are usually included in the invoice so there is no demand for smaller denominations of money.

The next of our money-saving suggestions is to reach a funding supermarket like Bónus or even Krónan before a day of sightseeing. Lunch and snacks could be horribly overpriced in the island’s major attractions, at least in the rather swish restaurant at the visitor center in Geysir around the Golden Circle. What is more, the tap water from Iceland is totally safe to consume. Pack a water bottle and then fill it up as you move. In addition to saving money, you are going to do your bit to maintain the unbelievable Icelandic surroundings plastic-free.

Stay secure — use your own common sense

It is important to honor the island’s natural powers however tempting it’s to find a close look. If it has to do with glaciers, neverwander or push onto them with no manual. They’re a lot more fragile than they look. What is more, hidden crevasses, glacial sand and fast-changing states can turn an unbelievable experience to a complete tragedy in the blink of an eye.

It is not uncommon here in order to find plunging waterfalls, cliffs and other dangerous ledges without so much as rope or security railing to help keep you apart from your abyss. As opposed to ruin the opinion with awful barriers, the government rely on tourists with their common sense and maintaining their space. The most crucial of our Iceland traveling hints? Do not risk your own life for Instagram.

Likewise stay well back in the waves on black sand beaches like Djúpalónssandur. Here, as at lots of the island’s most magic strands, the terms are unpredictable.

Back at the civilisation of Reykjavik or even Iceland’s smaller cities, you will be delighted to know that the island has a very low crime rate. However, as with everywhere, the typical rules apply. Do not return into your lodging late and constantly watch your beverages and possessions when out and about.