Mandalika Resort Lombok: The New Masterpiece of Indonesia

Mandalika is the real gem of Lombok, a virgin bay area with enormous potential waiting to be hammered. It is dubbed as the second Bali that brings hope for folks in West Nusa Tenggara for its tourism industries. Mandalika is the “golden child” of tourism in Lombok island. This gorgeous parcel of character is facing directly to the Indian Ocean. Its beauty is augmented with a 16 km longshore with pearly white sand and lovely hills encircling it. The culture and the mesmerizing view of Mandalika invite countless investors to put their interest in this area, not just authorities but also global investors.

Not just its beautiful mountains and shore, Mandalika also has a very rich historical value. The white sand preserves a mythical story about a beautiful princess who lived within this area. Her name was Mandalika. Once upon a time, there was a Kingdom at Southern Lombok Beach. Mandalika was the princess of the Kingdom, a royal beauty with gleamy eyes and gorgeous long hair.

Every day, countless princes arrived to inquire Mandalika for their wife. Mandalika did not need to choose anyone because she believed that if she chose a single guy, it would start warfare and chaos among Kingdoms. Following a lengthy thought, all of us were invited by her to the hill. She began her address and stated that something she ever desired is peace and unity among those people. After her speech, she sacrificed herself and also jumped from the mountain.

Today Mandalika will be reinvented as the gigantic world-class hotel. Jokowi, since the Indonesian President, allocated IDR 180 billion to guarantee the progression of the area. Jokowi consented to perform the”groundbreaking” towards”Special Economic Area” Mandalika at West Nusa Tenggara in August 2015. Mandalika project was abandoned in 1987 with the ownerships of lands across this field due to crises and problems. Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) stated that this happened because the developer of the project is expected to use the budget to build basic infrastructures and encourage investors to participate.

Mandalika itself has five lovely shores, Pantai (beach) Kuta, Pantai Serenting, Tanjung Aan, Pantai Keliuw, along with Pantai Gerupuk. As stated by the masterplan, an 80 meters long golf course will be constructed into Tanjung Aan across Pantai Serenting. Before in this area, a local company led by the Indonesian Minister of Trade previously planned to build an eco-friendly facility to improve water quality and recycle the waste in a 350 acres area. Even one local firm had plans to construct a theme park in the region.

Mandalika Resort’s price will grow to billions, as stated by the Indonesian President. Governments and businesses develop some jobs, and private companies will produce a few projects. Mandalika Resort will be developed in the next 20 years.

Getting there:

The location of the masterpiece Mandalika Resort will be developed more to gratify that the visitors are relatively near the International Lombok Airport. It requires approximately 40 minutes to push you here. As a matter of fact, this hotel is surrounded by beautiful beaches such as Kuta, Serenting, along with Tanjung Aan, this Mandalika Resort can be reached by you readily. You may take your very own vehicle or rent a car, or perhaps you can go by public transport at the airport to Mandalika Resort. Then proceed with another angkot that attracts one. The region stretches from the edge of Kuta.

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