Mistakes to Avoid While Booking Your Vacation Rentals

There has been an increasing demand for rentals, as compared to hotels and resorts. However, the rules for hotel booking do not apply to the rentals you wish to choose. Everything has its own pros and cons. Rentals provides you with a personalised and customised vacation plan.

You can fine tune, what you need and how you need it. Many Captiva island rentals, helps you in defining and planning the kind of vacation you need. Also, there are varied vacation packages designed by the rental agencies themselves, to save your time and energy. However, there are few mistakes to avoid, while you choose.

  1. Don’t hurry up in reading the brochure provided by the owners. You could be easily be misled by the initial glitzy sentences. Read the whole document to know about parking, AC, cleaning up and other services.
  1. Don’t take what the owner says about the distance from your condo to important points in the city. Check it out using digital map services.
  1. Don’t leave your booking process, through the rental agencies’ website. Send a mail and make sure you receive a confirmation from their side, reserving rooms for you, at your preferred dates.
  1. Don’t hide any details regarding your travel. Be it the dates or the number of people in your group or if there will be any pets. It will be an ugly scene, if the owner comes around to check on your comfort, and find that you have lied.
  1. Don’t just assume the availability of amenities, like internet, AC, housekeeping etc. Make sure you make a list of what’s available and what’s not.
  1. Don’t overlook the details in the documents. There is an inherent risk in terms of your transaction. So, take some time to check about the owner on the net and search for reviews.


Renting your own condo or cottage, and spending a hard-earned week, relaxing at your vacation spot, is not without any risks. However, the right amount of caution and groundwork about the rental services you choose, can give a peaceful vacation.