Most Popular Passover Resorts

For many of the Jews who believe that Passover is a special holiday, there is nothing like the excitement of visiting a beautiful, historic, and modern Passover resort in Israel. While there are many great hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, and other accommodations in Israel, many of the finest and most well-known Passover resorts can be found in the country’s northern regions. Here are three of the most popular resorts for Passover travelers.

One of the most famous Passover resorts in the world is the Yarmouk camp, which is situated in the north of the city of Damascus. Located just north of the Jordan River, this ancient settlement has been home to Christians for thousands of years. This ancient town is one of the most historic sights in the region, and it is possible to tour the region on a bus tour called the Jerusalem-Yarmouk Bus Tour.

If you are visiting the old town of Yarmouk, which is also known as the Old City, it will be best to go there during the night and enjoy the sights before heading back to your hotel or bed and breakfast. The Old City is full of history and includes many beautiful and fascinating buildings. If you are a religious Jew, there is an abundance of information available to help you learn more about the ancient history of the city. Tour guides are available, so don’t worry about trying to decipher any inscriptions on the walls – just take your time exploring.

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Another popular Passover resort in Israel is the Ein Kerem. Located on the outskirts of Eilat, Ein Kerev is a great resort because it is surrounded by beautiful scenery and is right on the Mediterranean Sea. If you have plans to spend a long time in Israel, this hotel may be the best place for you to visit during your stay in Israel.

The second most popular Passover resort is the Hotel Israel, which is one of the largest hotels in the region. Situated on the shores of the Dead Sea, the Hotel Israel is one of the biggest hotels in all of Israel. Visitors who plan on staying at this hotel for a longer period will find that they do not have to worry about scheduling many activities during their stay, as all of the main tourist attractions can easily be accessed from the hotel.

Although many people think of Eilat as being a desert resort, there are plenty of beaches located there that attract many tourists every year. If you are planning to stay at the Eilat Bay or Haifa Bay, you may want to visit Haifa Bay to experience the fun waters that are located there. In addition to the beaches, you will also want to make sure that you get out onto these waters at least once to enjoy the amazing sea views and the wonderful sunrise and sunset.

Passover Resorts

There are also numerous restaurants located here, which offer a variety of delicious meals to enjoy during your stay in Israel. From traditional delicacies to Jewish cuisine and Greek cuisine, there is something for everyone when it comes to dining at the best resorts for Passover in Israel.

While most of the best Passover resorts are located in the Mediterranean, some resorts are located along the coast. While these types of resorts might be somewhat more expensive than the ones that are located inland, the price difference is worth it because these are usually less expensive and provide a more luxurious stay.