Motorhome Travel Tips in the UK

You may have noticed that a motorhome trend has become prominent in recent years. It has over the world when you check your social media. You will find people who have travelled in a converted vehicle through Europe and the United Kingdom. It makes sense why motorhomes have gotten popular.

These vehicles often have a mini kitchen and beds that convert into a table, which allows you to enjoy the comforts of home on the road while you are protected from the wild.

If you haven’t added a motor home trip to your bucket list, chances are that you will add it. Here are some motor home travel tips we have learned from owners of Chausson Motorhomes.

Use the Flexibility to Your Advantage

It can be easy to forget your motor home is a van if your motor home is comfortable. When you get to travel with all of your favourite belongings and everything that you need to enjoy your holiday, think of all the advantages you have.

Think of yourself a being transient, free, and flexible whenever you want to go somewhere. All you have to do is get behind the wheel of the driver’s seat with everything you need at your disposal.

Plan Stopping Points in Advance

You may be under the impression you can just pop up anywhere in the UK and park your vehicle. It’s your home on wheels, right? That may be true, but it helps to know the campsites where you will be parking your vehicle in advance.

You need some adventure and go with the flow, but learning about these places eliminates stress. If you have trouble mapping out a precise travel agenda, try to locate the most convenient stopping points along your path and how long you plan to stay at each one.

Operating a UK Motorhome

Motorhomes are commonly easy to operate and drive, but here are some tips to keep in mind if you have never driven one.

  • Always be aware of the speed limit.
  • Consider the height of your vehicle before you park, especially when parking under shelters or trees.
  • You may drive on the left, but you will still be the centre of the road.
  • Expand and respect safety distances.
  • Be mindful it is possible drivers will pass you on the left on multi-lane roads
  • It takes longer to accelerate and brake a motor home.
  • Use caution driving in high wind areas since motorhomes are higher than standard automobiles.
  • If you haven’t read a driving manual consider booking an automatic motorhome.
  • You may find driving in town more complicated because it will have less space and be more crowded.

Ensure You Know How to Drive the Motorhome

You won’t benefit from buying a new motorhome if you are not able to drive it off the parking space. A camper can be trickier to drive off a campsite than a smaller vehicle if you don’t have experience driving it.

If you buy or rent one, study the manual and learn about automatic and manual transmissions. Ask the dealer if you aren’t certain about anything. Skip the manual transmission for now if you don’t have experience with it.

Inspect the Gear Before You Buy or Rent

Before your rental or purchase, make note of what all is included and what you need for the trip. Inspect the inside before you drive it off the lot. If you don’t see what is supposed to be included, ask the dealer.

Compare your list to what’s inside the camper again after you get the keys. Once you make the purchase, go to the store. It helps being prepared because you don’t want to be left without the towels you need in the middle of the countryside.

You Can Control your Budget Better

You likely haven’t thought of a motorhome helping you control our budget better. This isn’t meaning everything comes cheaper, but think of the money you save cooking your own meals.

You will be able to skip the expensive latte at Starbucks and brew your own coffee. The biggest thing you will save on is hotel bills because you already have your own room.

Paying for the gas to run a motor home is not cheap, and you may want to spend more after you roughed it for several days. However, the experience and tranquillity compensates for the cost and puts you in charge.