Planning A Visit to Crab Island – Know About What to Do in The Island?

Crab Island is one of the many vacation destinations in Florida. The tours, attractions, great dining options and other such events that are organized in this island have never failed to keep people entertained here.

Florida is actually the place that is the most preferred vacation destination all around the globe by many tourists. The key factors that attract the attention of tourists from all around the globe to Florida as The Wizarding World of Harry potter organized at Universal Orlando and the stunning beaches and also the LEGOLAND.

While speaking about Florida, you cannot forget to mention the name of Crab Island in Destin Florida. This island has even been nominated for the list of most visited places all around the globe. is the best resource blog to find perfect vacation rentals in Destin Florida, when on a vacation in the island. You can opt for condos, beach homes, or other such vacation rentals to stay in Crab Island with the help of the webpage. The website will even offer you the list of places where you can enjoy fine dining, including the sea-food servings.

What to Know about Crab Island?

Here are some things that you should know about, before planning a trip to Crab Island.

  • Flow of the Tourists

As the year passes, many tourists are flooding towards the island to enjoy everything that it has to offer for the visitors. The anchor boats are getting more in number, because every visitor will surely love to wade through the sea water, catch the rays and enjoy the view before them of the long-stretched sea, along with the other families enjoying their time on the beach.

  • Right Time to Visit the Island

Crab island is actually a non-official state park, and hence there are no particular timings regarding the opening and closing time on the island. People normally love visiting the place during the morning times to enjoy the beauty of the island in the sunlight. The months of March, April and October experience the largest flow of tourists here.

  • Activities

Crab Island Destin Florida offers tons of options for the visitors. You can enjoy a fishing trip in the Choctawhatchee Bay and fish some of the popular fishes such as flounder, trout, redfish and so on. You will be provided with a captain and the crew in your fishing trip so that you will get all the information about how to enjoy fishing to the fullest.

  • Rent Pontoon

You can rent a pontoon and load up in it with all your trip mates. There are many rental services that offer pontoon for rent for the visitors. Look through them and book one for you.

  • Parasailing

The best and most suggested coastal activity in Crab Island is parasailing. You can enjoy flying at the height of 500ft above the sea level and get to enjoy the long-stretched view of the island. You can either go in pairs or can go alone.

  • Family Tubing

A day of laughter with your dear one is something that you will always work for, when it comes to going on a vacation. You can do so by renting an inflatable tube boat and sailing across the seawater. The tube boat will be connected onto the boat and you can sail around the seawater in the boat, while your kids enjoy splashing their time in the tube boats.

  • Snorkeling

The water in the Gulf of Mexico is crystal clear in nature. If you peep into the seawater, then you can see the inner-lying aquatic life as clearly as seeing them inside an aquarium. You can enjoy watching the sting rays, crabs, fishes, and even manatee moving around inside the water, while enjoying your snorkeling time in the sea water in Crab Island.

  • Go Sailing

Do you have a sailor in your blood? Take a sail boat and enjoy sailing while catching the wind in the sails. The gentle slapping of the waves on the vessel is like a melody to your ears when you are on a sailing experience. You can rent a sailing charter or sailing boat to enjoy some sailing time.

  • Rent a Shuttle Boat

You can rent a shuttle boat and connect it to the sandbar and just float on it for minutes to hours. The lazy day spent on the shuttle boat is like enjoying a sunbath while on the sea water.

  • Kayaking and Paddle Board Sailing¬†¬†

Are you a daredevil? If yes, then you will definitely enjoy paddleboard sailing or kayaking in the seawater surrounding the island. The best way of experiencing the clear waters of the sandbar is trying kayaking or paddle board sailing in Crab Island.

Things to Know about the Island

Here are some basic things about Crab Island that you should know about, before planning a trip there.

  • Crab Island is not an Island. It is actually a submerged sandbar that is surrounded by water in all its sides. The constant erosion of the tidal currents has resulted with turning an island into a sandbar. It was an island when it was named, and hence the name has still flourished.
  • You can carry alcohol and cash with you to enjoy the time in the mobile food boats, floating restaurants, souvenir sales and so on. Alcohol sale is banned in the island, but not the consumption. Hence, you can bring alcohol with you while visiting the island.
  • The natural beauty of Crab Island can be enjoyed during the high tides. You can look through the tide charts and plan your visit to the island accordingly, when in Florida.

Destin Florida blog page is a one stop destination to enjoy everything about Florida in one place. Visit the blog page to avail complete information about Crab Island and other such vacation destinations in Florida. You can learn everything about the island including,

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Book a trip to Crab Island with your family and enjoy a relaxing time for some days, away from the daily work stress.